Catagorey: drama *Isabella King is just and average 18 year old. You know, getting an apartment, go out to parties, be in college. But when she meets the handsome, Harry Styles,well. She doesn't know him. She's never even heard of one direction. But she soon finds herself loving him but can't seem to stop him from cheating on her. Fights, Betrayal, Whoa scenes, Parties, drinks, and much much more! Can Isabella has too much to deal with and Harry is hurting her even more. She says goodbye and the light flickers off. He says hello and the light is back on. Could they find magic batteries and keep the light on forever? Or will they kill the light and never turn it back on? Find out in LIGHTS.


1. Moving with the girls

Isabella's POV:
Omg! I can't believe that I finally get to go to England with the girls! I am so happy I get to ditch Los Angeles. I am kinda sad because my parents just died in a car accident on my 18th birthday. It was a tragedy I know but I've cried so much that I couldn't cry anymore. My IPhone 5 starting ringing. The song: Run the World (Girls) by BEYONCE came on. I quick answered it, " Hello? " I asked and then my best friend Jenna started talking, " Do you have your things packed and ready to go? " she asked, " Yep just gotta do my hair quick would take about five seconds. " I replied as I went into the bathroom. I was where parents used to live. Now I'll be living in England, man I can't wait. " Ok and Sarah can't go, she has an interview with someone I forgot but she said that she will come later on this year. " she said. Jenna Sparks had been my friend since...what? Kindergarten? I think so.
She's been by me and I have been by her for this long. Now I'm 18 and ready to move. I quik put long black hair into a ponytail, " Oh ok well see ya whe I see ya. " I said and put in a black little bow I bought from Claire's in my hair. Just to hold my long bangs. " K bye. " she said and hung up. Well I guess I could eat a cookie...oh wait it's already eaten. By me. Man and right when I was thinking of something else I heard a honk and girls screaming my name.
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