Catagorey: drama *Isabella King is just and average 18 year old. You know, getting an apartment, go out to parties, be in college. But when she meets the handsome, Harry Styles,well. She doesn't know him. She's never even heard of one direction. But she soon finds herself loving him but can't seem to stop him from cheating on her. Fights, Betrayal, Whoa scenes, Parties, drinks, and much much more! Can Isabella has too much to deal with and Harry is hurting her even more. She says goodbye and the light flickers off. He says hello and the light is back on. Could they find magic batteries and keep the light on forever? Or will they kill the light and never turn it back on? Find out in LIGHTS.


4. Just Drink It

So my friends leave me to go dance wildly on the dance floor so I decided to sit by the bar. "A glass of water please." I asked the waitress. She gave me a weird look, "We only serve alcoholic beverages." she said and rolled her eyes as she moved to the next customer. WELL. Rude much? I have only drunkin one alcoholic drink in my life. It didn't end up well when I woke up. But I'll tell you later about that. I looked on the dance floor and saw Rebecca grinding on a guy. Oh God. "A Piña Colada please." said a dude sitting next to me. Whoa he's pretty cute. Curly brown hair. Brown eyes.... I was interrupted in my daydream when he said, " Do you want an autograph or something?" An autograph? I didn't think he was that cute that he stepped off a magazine cover. " No your eyes are just cool." What the hell did I just say?!

Harry's POV:

So she's actually really beautiful. And she's not even wearing make up! But Harry, dude, you can't be a player right now you have some thinking to do. But wait did she just say I have cool eyes? Well no one has ever said that to me before. I don't know why but, it made me feel warm inside, "No it's ok. So what's your name?" I asked. She hesitated at that question and them five minutes later said, "Serina." Averae but still beautiful, "So do you live around here?" she asked. What?! Doesn't she know me?? "Of course! I'm Harry from one direction!" I exclaimed. She looked confused, "Harry Styles." I said, "Never heard of you." she said and I was dumbfounded.

Isabella's POV:
He looked really retarded sitting there staring at me. I mean was I supposed to know him? Is he popular? "Uh ok well I got go dance with my friends so yeah bye." I say getting up. "Wait can I at least buy you a drink?" he asked, "I don't drink." I replied, " Just one. Please." he said with puppy eyes, "Well...." and that's when he asked the waitress for two cocktails. I took one sip and that's all I remember......
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