Catagorey: drama *Isabella King is just and average 18 year old. You know, getting an apartment, go out to parties, be in college. But when she meets the handsome, Harry Styles,well. She doesn't know him. She's never even heard of one direction. But she soon finds herself loving him but can't seem to stop him from cheating on her. Fights, Betrayal, Whoa scenes, Parties, drinks, and much much more! Can Isabella has too much to deal with and Harry is hurting her even more. She says goodbye and the light flickers off. He says hello and the light is back on. Could they find magic batteries and keep the light on forever? Or will they kill the light and never turn it back on? Find out in LIGHTS.


2. 'Ello Govenor

I woke up in the airplane to the sound of two girls screaming, " What's happening? " I ask while rubbing my eyes, " Yeah! I was dancing with unicorns! " agreed Cathy. " We're here! " exclaimed Jenna, " England?" I asked with excitement, " England! " said one o my friends named Rebecca. Rebecca has been my friend since I was 14 years old. She's kind of like a party girl. You know one of those people who just party at night and sleep in the day like vampires? She cool and amazing at sports. She's pretty much popular around Los Angeles. Cathy was the littlest one, who we all called KittyCat. She would act like a little kid and play anything a kid would do. But sometimes she could be serious. She's beene friend since the 3rd grade. Indigo is very quiet. Once in a while she would crack a joke but she pretty much acts like our mother. She's been my friend since the 8th grade. Now Jenna on the other hand has been my friend for a long time. She's funny, smart, beautiful.....and a great friend.
I sat up and heard the flight attendant say, " Last stop England. Last stop England. " I couldn't believe we were actually here! " Omg! What do you girls wanna do first when we land?! " asked and screamed Jenna, " Move into the apartment duh. " replied Indigo while reading a book. " Girls? Ready to start a new life? " I asked, " Ready! " they all answered and we landed.

Ok so after all that chaos, like getting out of the crowded airport, we all got a taxi and went to our new apartment. When we went inside it was like a dream come true.
Jenna's POV:
I was so happy because I've heard a song on the radio called, ' What Makes you Beautiful ' and fell in love with the people who sang it. I heard they lived over here so decided to move, not because I'm a stalker, I just loved England because Ive only been here once. Also because they have a concert tomorrow and I bought tickets for all of us already! I have became a crazed fan. Photos, wallpaper(phone and room walls) were covered in my house. But I am also a kind of bit sad because none of the girls except for Indigo knew who they were. Gosh!

Cathy's POV:
I love everything in here!! All it needs is some rainbow painted walls and the foud Barbie doll pictures framed and some toys and I'm all good! Man I bet England has tons of sweets....

Rebecca's POV:
Awesome. I would love to have parties in here. I am such a good apartment picker! This gonna be the most popular apartment in England. Damn I'm good!

Indigo's POV:
Whoa. That's pretty much all I needed to say.

Samantha's POV:
So after we were all finished packing Rebecca Was all dressed up. " And where Re you going dressed so attractive? " Cathy asks, " To a club. " she replied and put on fake eyelashes which made her even more beautiful. " A club? Your too young! There are old perverts there. " said Jenna, " And that's why you girls are coming with. " She replied and curled te last tip of her hair, " What.....wait heck to the no!" was all I said while everyone said yes, " We don't have Id cards and we are all just 18 and 17! " I exclaimed. " Lets just say I know people." said Rebecca and pulled out four Id cards from her pocket. "NO NO NO NO NO." I said and they all started getting ready. Dang it!! I got up and started getting ready too.
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