Catagorey: drama *Isabella King is just and average 18 year old. You know, getting an apartment, go out to parties, be in college. But when she meets the handsome, Harry Styles,well. She doesn't know him. She's never even heard of one direction. But she soon finds herself loving him but can't seem to stop him from cheating on her. Fights, Betrayal, Whoa scenes, Parties, drinks, and much much more! Can Isabella has too much to deal with and Harry is hurting her even more. She says goodbye and the light flickers off. He says hello and the light is back on. Could they find magic batteries and keep the light on forever? Or will they kill the light and never turn it back on? Find out in LIGHTS.


3. Clubbing Leads To Bad Things.......

After the girls and I got done getting ready, we all got into Rebecca's car. She drove us to a limitless club called Pussycat and I knew it was already a bad idea. " Pussycat?! Wtf! " I exclaimed and Cathy pulled me out of the car and dragged me into a line. " Guys I think we should back. I mean we could go to jail! " I panicked, " Jail my ass. We'll get in trust me. These cards are new and look really real." replied Rebecca.
Oh my God! I just want to go into the new apartment and decorate! We finally got to the front of the club, " Id please." said a big, muscular man, " Here ya go." said Rebecca and smiled. " Alright enjoy the Pussycat.....Greensnot." said the usher kind of unsure.

When we got inside it was amazing!
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