Stay here! I'd rather prefer happiness without both of them. But sadly I'm a human so I'll get over it. A story about love and how it makes a life simply dizzy between love and hate.


5. what about a kiss?

As the time pass by I'm getting increasingly excited and more observant, have you noticed that a real kiss do not depend only on the lips but also in the eyes?

Maybe it is bad luck for me but i have never seen so many people kissing in my life since now, but getting back  to what i was telling girls, boys, I will give you this as gift.


Have you ever heard why do people close their eyes when kissing? well if you heard all those cursi stuff, deal with it "it is bullshit" the truth it's because if your eyes were open when kissing but not only yours but also her/his "it would be creepy" just imagine it yourself, but  we also do it instinctively.

Here is where I will tell you what I have seen.

categories: kissing when:

eyes are closed:

2 types

"when eyes are closed gently" this means the person do not what to be distracted with anything else. Probably the person cares and will close his/her eyes  very gently.

Reasons: primary because it is instinctively, but we also have seen that a lot in movies, so we believe it is the best way to do it.

"when eyes are closed agresively" this means the person do not want to kiss the other. problably the person will close his eyes rapidly.

Reasons: maybe the other person has somethig in their lips the other do not like, or the person is just  been fake an actually he/she do not want to kiss the other.

eyes are open

here are 3 types:

"when one is opening the eyes looking somewhere else except the person who is kissing" Well this is the worst kiss just because this means the person is not interested.

 Reasons: maybe it's angry, the person is watching something he/she believes it is more interesting, in the worst cases the person is not interested at all with the other.

"when one is opening the eyes looking deeply to the other" this is the surprise kiss, do not expect the best kiss, just the best it was possible in that moment.

curious data -we boys love girls give them to us.

"when one is opening one eye for an instance" the last one and my favorite, the curious kiss, like people had said "we have he right of  the doubt" and well would it be nice to see the person you are kissing for an instance and keep that moment forever?

today I do not need a kiss, talking to you makes my day. 


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