Stay here! I'd rather prefer happiness without both of them. But sadly I'm a human so I'll get over it. A story about love and how it makes a life simply dizzy between love and hate.


4. Wednesday

I'm arriving to school like I said "early" it is 7:00 AM. I'm on the entrance, from here, i can see the lights turn on in my classroom, well maybe I'm not the first, but as usually girls are always late so hopefully maybe a few boys have arrived or maybe Mags the only girl who ALWAYS arrives early. Mags is my best friend, and yes she is a girl but she is different from the others, i have a hunch she is gay, sometimes we play pretending she likes the girls of our class and I make plans to capture them, and how they are in love with her, actually it is really funny, but of course it is always joking, however something inside me tells me to wait, maybe she is, maybe she is not, but even though we will still be friends, I just need to keep proving that.

Suddenly a pair of arms are around my neck, I'm breathless but still my nose gets this familiar smell, so sweet, "fuck it" it is her, the reason I'm writting, want to give back the hug, I'm paralized

-Hi Marc!

-(DAMN! exactly on my ear, "i mean she was creating an itching sensation by touching lightly my ear") .....Hi. I answered

and then we stopped talking, i think she hold me so close from her for about 3 minutes.

 It's not much but it's just enough to keep 

I do not know why but since i started feeling this way i realized I'm the kind of boy who loves hugs more than kisses.

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