Stay here! I'd rather prefer happiness without both of them. But sadly I'm a human so I'll get over it. A story about love and how it makes a life simply dizzy between love and hate.


3. Tuesday

-I think I love you Marc.
-....Really? don't know what to say.
-all you've got to do is fall in love.
-maybe, only if it's you and me, both, in return.
-For a lifetime

Alarm rings. "Too good to be truth" my thoughts replied "but for me it was so real" my heart whispered. Can't believe how quickly love advances "all I've got to do is stop falling in love". (Like it was possible). Well everything it's planned I'm the kind of person who always arrives early I'll get ready to avoid her as much as possible, probably it won't take to much effort I'm not like her best friend, or a close friend, I'm just a friend.
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