Stay here! I'd rather prefer happiness without both of them. But sadly I'm a human so I'll get over it. A story about love and how it makes a life simply dizzy between love and hate.


2. Love plan.

As I believe people just live love but they have never analyze love, so if I'm going to be in love, i've got a plan.I'll write every single thing I do with this important girl in a way that if maybe I know why I feel this way I'll maybe find some kind of cure.

Data: feminine girl, black straight hair, brunette, skinny, gorgeous smile, tall, skinny. She laughs at anything, funny.

Objective: discover effects in been in love, find a cure, and if I fail conquer the girl.

Hypothesis: love will stay here where it is.....I mean in a level I'll be able to control

Procedure: write every feeling I get in this state.

Results: 1- beginning to write our story. Feelings (anxious), can't stop thinking about her. Feelings (anger).

Conclusions: unfinished.

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