Im emely and i am 19 i am a bad girl i love to have fun and party but when i meet the boys from one direction will they change me?


2. Meeting one direction


          Emely's POV

                 So the school is throwing a goodbye party for seniors and there hiring one direction for the party so we can have a good time. Hopefully Jack ask me to it so the only way is to go to his house and give him what he wants.


            Jack's POV

              Mom i leaving now! Were are you going young man? my mum asks. Dont worry about! Hey ashely ready to go. Yup ashely said.

        Louis POV

                    Wake up! You guys sleep to much get up we need to practice for the concert at the school. Hey harry want to go get some food? Next thing you know niall comes running down stairs to us. I heard food'' niall said. you wanna go get some food?'' hell yeah its food''  niall said.

Emely's POV

         Omg maribel what should i wear i mean i need to look hot( btw maribel is my best friend).''Where this you will look hot in it''maribel said. Yay! i'm so excited for the dance. Did someone ask you yet? maribel asked. NO! no one has asked me yet not even jack. What!?! Why!?! IDK he suppose to be my boyfriend something fishy going on here and i going to find out. Well lets go to that party. So we are at the party and i run off to go look for something to drink. By the way the party doesnt start til i walk in like im the life of the party.  I already had like 3 shots and i was drunk and there was hot guys on the stage like i mean hot. Well i needed to use the bathroom so i went and as i went in i heard moaning so i kicked the door open and my heart sunk there he was the love of my life jack was having sex with ashely. i just started running and didnt stop and i heard someone running after me so i ran faster until i couldnt run no more.

 Louis POV

      I saw this beatiful girl crying and running so i ran after her to see if she was ok but she tried running faster and then i lost her and then i started to panick

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