Im emely and i am 19 i am a bad girl i love to have fun and party but when i meet the boys from one direction will they change me?


3. Break ups and heartboken

   Emely's POV

            I couldnt run no more so i just sat on this bench at a park crying until i cant cry anymore then i saw someone coming i wanted to hide but i was to hurt so at this piont i didnt care then i saw a boy like my age coming towards me he was cute too put my head down and started to cry and he came next to and was rubbing my back saying ''please dont cry'' and i looked up and saw one of the boys from one direction but i jus remembered his face but i didnt know his name though he pulled me into a hug. i cried into his chest he whispered into my ear and said that what happened so i pulled my self together and told him and he was as hurt as me as if it happened to him. So i asked him why was he as hurt as me and he started to cry and then he mumbled because that happen to me and then he stopped crying and told me. i felt really bad for him and it was late and i didnt have a home yet and i stayed at my friends house so i had to sleep on the bench i guess. I think i was falling for him.

   Louis POV 

          I didnt know if she had a place to stayed so i asked her and she said no my head shot up and i said if she wanted to stay at my house and her head shot up and said she doesnt even no me so i told we can get to meet me on the way back to my car i stood up and put my hand out and she graved my hand and we left by the my name is emely. What a beatiful name my name is louis and we started talking and we had a lot in commin i think i was starting to have feeling for her. We finallygot home and all the boys ran to me and hugged me and said they were woried then they saw emely and calmed down a little.

   Emely's POV

              Tomorrow i got to break up with jack and i had a heart break and now breakups it is time to break up with him and move on he is dead to me now. I could tell that louis was into me. I had to sleep with louis bu nothing bad happened i turned around to see his face thinking he was asleep when i turned around and he was wide awake he had a smirk on his face and he pulled me close and leaned in to kiss me but i stopped him and said i cant do anything because we werent dating so he asked me out.  i said yea and he leaned to kiss me we were kissing for a long time.  i wrapped my fingers in his hair. i pulled back and told him that was the farthest we will go and i think i was in love with him now.

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