Im emely and i am 19 i am a bad girl i love to have fun and party but when i meet the boys from one direction will they change me?


4. A good day

    Emely's POV 

              When i woke up i didn't know where i was then i remembered what happened yesterday. Louis was still asleep so i checked my phone i had 23 texts and calls from jack. I called and jack he was crying saying he was saying sorry and that will i take him back i started yelling telling him we will never getting back together and that he hurt me real bad. when he was talking i felt louis put his arms around  me. i felt bad that i woke him up i told him sorry then he kissed me and whispered in my ear '' its ok'' then he went back to sleep. i good mad at what jack told me and i hung up then i was snuggling with louis then i fell asleep.

     Louis POV

            I woke up and emely wasn't next to me so i got dressed and went down stairs to the kitchen and their she was with all the boys laughing i think there were becoming friends so i smiled to myself and kissed emely on the cheek and sat down next to her and we all started talking and laughing. i had a feeling that someone liked her. All negative thought i could imagine her leaving me for one of the guys. so they would ask why i was sad.

    Unknown POV

               When i saw Emely i thought she lit up the room she is really pretty i thought i was in love but i go for the looks and the heart. if louis didnt have her i would date her so is lovely. todays a good day 


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