I Wish

(One Direction are not famous) He left us, my Dad. Mom made me move several times to many different towns and cities, Montana seemed like a perfect place to live. But of course, we move again to London and I meet him. He teaches me to have fun, to live more, and to forget about my Dad. He becomes my world, until something happens to us and I wish for him to forgive me.


4. Zayn's Friends

It only took me only a few seconds to get to Zayn's house. I rang the doorbell and waited for someone to come to the door. A couple seconds later the door opened and the same black haired boy with beautiful brown eyes was standing there.

"Kelly!" Zayn embraced me in a warm hug that showed he was really happy to see me.

"Zayn!" I yelled excited in his own excitement.

"Come on," Zayn begged after our hug.

He grabbed my hand and dragged me inside.

"KELLY!" I heard voices say.

Four other teenage boys stood around the counter in Zayn's kitchen.

I stood there in shock, "who?" is all I said pointing to them.

"These are my friends, love," Zayn said walking over to them.

"Well obviously," said a side-swept brown haired boy wearing stripes and suspenders.

It was all laughs from the boys after that comment.

"Wait," I said stopping their laughter while laughing a little myself, "how do you know me?"

They erupted in laughter once again.

"Zayn talks about you all the time!" a long curly brown haired boy with bright green eyes said.

I looked over at Zayn who was blushing like crazy and looking down at his shoes. They began their laughs again and this time I let them go for a fairly long time. After a while they stopped and it was silent in Zayn's house for a second.

Then a boy with buz-cutted brown hair and a button down blue shirt spoke, "Zayn, don't you think Kelly needs to know who we are?"

Zayn looked up from his shoes and around at the house as if he wasn't aware of his surroundings before and was taking a look at them for the first time.

Before Zayn could do anything a blond haired boy wearing an Abercrombie t-shirt stepped forward.

"I'm Niall Horan," he said with probably the cutest Irish accent I've ever heard.

I gave him a smile as I shook his hand.

"Hey," I said to him brightly.

Niall was pushed over by the boy with the striped t-shirt almost immediatly after I said it.

He yelled to him, "NO! JIMMY PROTESTED!"

Niall was laughing so hard he cried.

The boy then turned to me with a smile and said while shaking my hand, "Louis Tomlinson."

I giggled while I said, "Hi!"

Louis walked away as if everything was normal.

The long curly brown haired boy then stepped forward and shook my hand while he told me, "Harry Styles."

I gave him a wide smile and said to him, "Hi."

Then the boy with the brown haired buz-cut slowly stepped forward, "Liam Payne."

I gave him a smile and said, "Hello!"

Zayn then stepped forward just as Niall was getting up off the floor.

"So, who wants ice cream?" he asked.




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