I Wish

(One Direction are not famous) He left us, my Dad. Mom made me move several times to many different towns and cities, Montana seemed like a perfect place to live. But of course, we move again to London and I meet him. He teaches me to have fun, to live more, and to forget about my Dad. He becomes my world, until something happens to us and I wish for him to forgive me.


6. The Way He Kissed

'Why did you do that?' I asked in a low whisper.

I remember the way Zayn looked into my eyes after my question. He looked at me like he was a sick puppy and I just abused him. I remember the way I kissed him again because the feel of his lips felt good on mine. To this day, I still miss the way he kissed me, it was like a drop of heaven fell on his lips and every time he kissed me heaven filled my heart.

But that's over now because ever since that day, I didn't get another kiss from my loved Zayn Malik. How I wish I could just tell him how sorry I am, if only I could get out of this wheelchair and leap into his arms again.

Where are you Zayn? Where did our times together go? Why won't you come back like you promised?

Life feels useless without you.







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