I Wish

(One Direction are not famous) He left us, my Dad. Mom made me move several times to many different towns and cities, Montana seemed like a perfect place to live. But of course, we move again to London and I meet him. He teaches me to have fun, to live more, and to forget about my Dad. He becomes my world, until something happens to us and I wish for him to forgive me.


2. My Neighbor

"Kel," he had said, "as long as I'm here next to you nothing bad will ever happen." To this day I chuckle at his old words. My Dad was not a very good person, he's the one who told me this. At one time, I believed him, but then he left Mom and me and I never saw him again. I'm not going to say I missed him, because I tried not to. Mom tried to get away from memories of him by moving. We moved several times, but when I was 19, that was when I moved to my final destination. The story begins here.

"Kelly, can you carry this box inside for me?" I hopped out of the car. My hot pink flip-flops smacked against the blacktop driveway as I walked over to Mom who had a reasonably sized box rested uncomfortably in her arms. "Okay," I said in a low moan. Moving again was not very fun, I had really felt the last place in Montana was perfect. Now we move again to London, and it's our first time moving overseas. I slowly took the box from Mom and started walking toward the door. Mom rushed to get inside, I don't know the reason but it must have been important from the concerned look on her face. Mom was inside when my foot hit a crack in the driveway and I dropped the box right on it's hard surface. I grunted loudly in anger and kneeled down next to the dropped box. "If we hadn't moved, then this wouldn't be happening," I told myself. A horrified look grew on my face when I found that the box was full of glass plates and picture frames. Mom would probably be out any minute and I was sitting there with glass covering the blacktop. I turned around and got a quick glance of a figure looking at me. Quickly, I turned away, not wanting to be seen. "What should I do?" I kept saying over and over again to myself.  

"Do you want my help?" a voice asked. I froze 'Is he talking to me?' I looked over and my ocean blue eyes met with a teenaged boy's beautiful brown ones. For some reason I can't speak, all I did was stare into the his eyes with my mouth gaped open. He doesn't move either and keeps his eyes wide open as if suprised by the way I look. "H-hi," I said still looking into the boy's eyes. "Hi," he said back to me the look of suprise leaving his face. "I'm Kelly," I said after a few seconds. "I'm" he was cut off by Mom who walked outside on the blacktop. "Hello," she said a little suprised. "Hi," the boy said, "I'm Zayn, I live next door." Mom's lips made a smile, "oh, okay I'm Ms. Goodman Kelly's mother." She shook Zayn's hand. I was a little embarrassed so I stared down at my shoes. "Okay, Kelly and I need to unpack the rest of our stuff into the house so, can we talk to you later?" I looked up from my shoes. "Do you need any help? I can help you two," Zayn suggested. Mom was just opening her mouth when I spoke before her. "Sure, if you want to," I said. Zayn looked at Mom for approval from her. "Okay, how about you two start unloading the boxes from the van, and I'll clean up this mess," she said, and I remembered the box I dropped.

After we finished our work I got Zayn's cell phone number and he left. As soon as he walked out the door I grew quiet. Mom was the first to speak, "Well he seems nice." I smile widely, "Yeah," I said.



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