I Wish

(One Direction are not famous) He left us, my Dad. Mom made me move several times to many different towns and cities, Montana seemed like a perfect place to live. But of course, we move again to London and I meet him. He teaches me to have fun, to live more, and to forget about my Dad. He becomes my world, until something happens to us and I wish for him to forgive me.


1. Memories

Sirens, the horrible sirens that filled my ears two years ago. They scream in my ear as if saying, "Hey! Remember me?" I try so hard to cover my ears but I'm unable to. "Stop it!" I scream tears building up in my eyelids. "Stop," I whisper to myself as the sound whizzes away. I snap my eyes shut to shield tears from escaping. "No," I say, "not now, not ever." Thats when I hear footsteps run up the stairs, "Kelly! Are you okay? Kelly!" I slowly turn my head to face the window. Mom hastily bursts into my room, "Are you okay?" she practically screams. "Yes," I say in a light whisper. Mom sits on the bed next to me I am still, staring out the window.

We are silent for a long time, Mom begins stroking my red cheek with her thumb. "Do you think he will ever come back?" I ask. Mom stops dead silent for a whole two minutes, I begin to wonder if she's breathing. "No," she says, "don't worry about him though, try to move on." I glare at Mom I begin breathing heavily and a look of anger grows on my face, "MOVE ON!" I scream, "HOW CAN I MOVE ON?" My face is beet red, yet Mom stays calm. "You have to learn to deal with things," she says at a low whisper lifting her hand up to put it on my shoulder. I lightly push her hand away, "HOW CAN I DEAL WITH THIS MOM? I LOST MY LEGS, HOW CAN I GET OVER THAT?" Mom is quiet again, she finally builds the courage to speak after a minute. "I meant getting over him," she says in the calmest way possible. I am calming down, but I'm still breathing heavily, "how is that possible?" I say softly this time. Mom sighs a very heavy sigh, "I guess you're right."

"That brings me back to my question," I say almost at a whisper, "Do you think he'll ever come back?" Mom is silent, choosing her words. "No," she replies. I am suprised by her words and think about what to do. I mutter "please go," and turn my head looking away from Mom. "Why?" she asks. "Please, just go," I repeat. Mom finally gives in after a couple seconds of thinking and kisses my cheek and leaves my bedroom. I press a button on my wheelchair to make me move forward. I haven't looked at it since what happened two years ago, that note on my dresser. I know I shouldn't read it, but I do, the sirens made me want to see his name again. I just unwrap it and I remember the pain, tears grow in my eyelids. I slowly feel the writing with my thumb. Inscribed in his handwriting is ZAYN MALIK.

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