I amm wrighting about Christmases with each of the boys.


1. Liam(merry Christmas)

A week before Christmas and Liam is still on still don't have a christmas tree or decorations.liams and your family was coming over on Christmas had to run to the store to get some groceries for the party.As soon as you get home you unload you trunk and head strait for the kitchen.after unloading the groceries and decide to go Into the living room to watch some glee(season 4)as soon as you walk in you see a Christmas tree decorations lights and a lot of gifts under the tree for soon as you finish looking you feel 2 strong arms around your waist and turn around to find Liam there he says....(L)Hun I missed you so much and I am happy I get to see you.,(Y/N)Liam hunny I missed you more than you missed me (L) do you like the livin room?(y/n)know what Liam I...I...I...I love it.its amazayn(see what I did there.)(l)great I have a present for everyone under the tree.By the way the lads are coming to Christmas.

FAST FORWARD 4 hours>>>>>>

Everyone was over and had a great time and as it was time for everyone to get going you and Liam gave everyone a big...big hug and told them thank you and merry christmas.When everyone left Liam said he had a gift for you you asked what it was.he told you to sit down and he will be right back.When he came back he had a small but long box and said L()-"open please."When you opened it you saw a locket when you opener the locket there was a picture of Liam and you in it.Liam asked you "do you like it?"(y/n)-"like it?"(L)-"ya"(y/n)-"Liam I love it it's perfect."(L)-merry Christmas baby girl."(y/n)-oh ya Liam igot you a gift.stay right where you are."(L)-okay."when you came back out you told Liam(y/n)-close your eyes."(L)-okay."(y/n)- here you go you can open your eyes."When he opened his eyes he was almost crying when he saw the turtle you got him for Christmas.(L)-thank you so much (y/n) it's amazing thank you thank you thank you."he got up and gave you a big hug and said(L)- merry Christmas."(y/n)-your welcome hunny and Merry Christmas to you to.

Fast forward to bed>>>>>>

After the clean up putting the dishes in the sink and cleaning up the wrapping paper off the floor you and Liam went to bed and had a very special kiss.
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