Could it be You

A girl named Daisy, is with her friend, Emily, and talks about going to the One Direction concert. Before she goes she has to go to the mall and get a new outfit. She bumpes into Harry Styles, from One Direction. They get to know each other better. A very strong relationship grows between them. (all rights reserved)


7. Chapter 6~ The boy's house

Daisy p.o.v.

So We are out side of Harry Styles flat. Zoey fell asleep cause she didn't take her afternoon nap. So I grabbed Zoey, went up to the door and rang the bell.

The door opened up, then I saw Harry and his room/band mates? I thought it was only him. Oh yay, this is going to be fun. (Sarcasm)

"Come on in Daisy" He motioned us into his flat. I walk in but it was so award all of the boys just stared at me. Niall whispered something, and then Zayn said "Yeah I think its er kid to" Louis out of nowhere just ran up to me and took Zoey. Harry and me had a puzzled look on our faces, actual everyone did. Louis came back in to the room and tried to make it less awkward somehow I guess, cause he was was all like" Hi what's up yo" Trying to act all gangster. I gave him one of those 'Really' looks. you know when you tilt your head and squint your eyes. Then I laid my bag down.


Then I realized that he took Zoey somewhere and I don't know where he took her. "Where's Zoey?" I asked very scared. "Don't worry she's in the guest room.'' Louis replied. "Okay" I tried to calm down but when some dude just takes your little sister, your going to get a little ticked off. "Wait isn't Liam in there since..." Niall was cut off by two people screaming. "Opsie-daisy!" Louis exclaimed. We all followed Louis into the direction he was running in.

We stopped at the door, Louis was hesitate to open it, so I pushed right past him and barged right into the room. Zoey was crying and Liam was cradling her to try to make her stop crying. I ran to the living room and went through my bag to get her inhaler. I ran back to the room everyone was currently at and gave her the inhaler. Niall chuckled. "Why are you laughing this is a serious matter" I snapped at him. "No its not that she has our band's stickers on it, its so cute." "What ever" "Are you okay sweetie?" Liam questioned. All she could do was  smile and nod. After her little panic attack sort, she screamed and gave each of them a hug. asked them lots of questions, and autographs, pictures, and all of that stuff.

I passed around my phone to everyone to put their number in. Surprisingly they didn't put weird names like DjMalik, or something.


I texted each of them to see if they put it in correctly I heard 5 *beeps* so I guess they did. It was getting late so I guess we had to leave, and also my brother and mum blew up my notifications.

"Bye guys see you sometime'' I yelled to them. Zoey just waved cause she was already half asleep. The boys said their good byes, and waves.  We finally left after the long day.


(At home)

"Where the hell were you Daisy?!" My mother yelled. I bet the whole neighborhood heard that!

"Mum I was just at a friends house calm down, goss" I said back with a little sass. Oh goodness I've been spending to much time with Louis. Even though I only met him today.

"Don't you dare say calm down to me missy!" By this time Mike took Zoey upstairs. "Mum Calm down" I said totally forgetting what she just said. "No I won't f****** calm down! You could have gotten into an accident or something, and even worse you also had Zoey so I didn't know where both of you guys where, I almost called the cops!" My mum started to tear up. "Don't you think If I had gotten into an accident the hospital would have called" I said a little too anoint at her , and I also rolled my eyes so that didn't help my situation.

"You know what I'll be back In a Month I'm am done trying my best to help you kids. This will teach you  how hard and scary it is to be and adult! With that she went up stairs and got all of the things she needed, went straight out the door.

I just stood there, thinking how great my day was and now it was hell!


 Mike came down after he took Zoey to her room. "What was all of the yelling about D" He questioned. " Mum and me... Got .. Into an arrgument and said she is.. going to be gone for a while." I said inbetween sobs. " there you go messing things up" He said angrily. "Its not my fault" I said trying to stop crying. "Yes it is all your fault You go around with your big F****** mouth why can't you just shut up and listen for once." " I was listening but the she I guess snapped." I was by this point crying my heart out, and then he stormed out of the room.

I sat down on the couch and got a pillow and continuisly hit it until my arms became weak. Mike came back from where every he was and sat down next to me. "I'm sorry for getting mad me and my girlfriend got into a fight earlier and yeah.... I'm sorry" He appoligized. " It okay it was my fault, I shouldn't have yelled at her and sorry for what happened between you and your girlfriend." I said staring at the carpet. "Well that doesn't matter now, the big problem is how will we tell Zoey." He stated. "and how will she take it."

We'll see tomorrow I guess.

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