Could it be You

A girl named Daisy, is with her friend, Emily, and talks about going to the One Direction concert. Before she goes she has to go to the mall and get a new outfit. She bumpes into Harry Styles, from One Direction. They get to know each other better. A very strong relationship grows between them. (all rights reserved)


4. chapter 4~ concert part two

Emily p.o.v.

We arrived me and Daisy were screaming and jumping aroud when we got out of the car. We were so freaking excited.

We walked over to the line showed the security guard we had back stage passes, and he gave us lanyards to put our ticket in, so that we didn't have to carry them around. We were the only ones there so far and we started to sing a coulpe of their songs.

Some one with an Irish accent said that we were good. "Niall?" me and Daisy both questioned turning around extremly fast. We both ran up to him and asked him to take pictures with us and sign a few things.

"Who's this " some body said. Again me and Daisy turned around and ran up to him. It was Zayn, and we asked to take pictures with us, and sign a few things like we did to Niall. We soon saw all of the boys and asked them the same thing. Except for Harry. No one knew where he was.

The concert started to start and we got our seats in the front row even though we will be standing the whole time. Everyone just kept pushing and shoving.

Daisy p.o.v.

The concert was starting but Harry still hasn't arrived. I was worried some thing bad happened. Even though we only met once, and that was for a short amount of time, and it was like only yesterday!

Louis p.o.v.

I was worried about Harry that some thing bad had happened. I decided to call him. Of course he doesn't pick up!

I texted him:Were are you the concert is starting.

Harry: I'm locked in a bathroom the handle broke.

Me: okay were's the bathroom

Harry: In my dressing room

Me: Okay i'll be there in a sec.

*End of convosation*

I rushed to his dressing room and opened to door. I was looking for his dressing room and I finally found it. I rushed over to his door. "Is that you louis" Harry yelled through the door."Yeah its me move away from the door I'm going to kick it down." I yelled back

Harry p.o.v.

"Sure like you..." *Bam* the door came crashing down. " I told you I was going to kick the door down." Louis said. "Come on we got to go to the stage fans are waiting." Louis sassly said. We ran as fast as we could to the entrance of back stage. "Where have you been?" Niall asked.

"I'll explain later okay?!" I said in excausted. "Okay you guys are on in" my  manager said. As he counted down I quickly grabed my microphone and ran on stage with all of the boys. We started to sing 'What makes you beautiful' from the last album.

When that song was over, all of the boys had to chose a girl from the crowd.  I kept searching to see if Daisy was there.    I had found her. I pushed through the crowd and finally got to her. Zayn picked her friend. Louis chose a blonde. Niall picked a red haired girl, and Liam chose a blonde.

We took them on stage, and brought them chairs to sit on. they sat down. The boys and I ran back stage and got them one red rose each. We started to sing Little Things. We all gave the girls the roses. Then when that song was over we gave them back stage passes.

*After the concert*


I was waiting the whole time for the concert to end so I could see Daisy again. I ran my fastest to them. Of course I arrived first and said hi and all of that. I don't know if Daisy could realize that I was staring at her the whole time I was talking.

The boys soon came and I was so glad that I can now spend the rest of my time talking to Daisy.

"So..." She said akwardly. It was a akward scilence for a while. "You look pretty today," I nervously said. "Why thank you, look don't look bad your self" she squeald. Oh my goss she's beautiful and polite man she was the full package.

Now the problem is how do I ask her out. "What did you say" She said. "Oh did I say that out loud?"  "Yeah you kind did" she blushed. looking downwards."And yeah I'll go out with you, if you want" She said looking up at me with those big, brown, sparkling, beautiful eyes.

"So its a date?!" I said all fangirly. "Yeah!" said she. *Buzz,*Buzz* Her phone started to ring. Daisy covered the speaker and whispered,"I got to take this." "Mhm Kay" was all I said than she had to leave.


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