Could it be You

A girl named Daisy, is with her friend, Emily, and talks about going to the One Direction concert. Before she goes she has to go to the mall and get a new outfit. She bumpes into Harry Styles, from One Direction. They get to know each other better. A very strong relationship grows between them. (all rights reserved)


3. chapter 3~concert part one

Emily p.o.v.

I woke up in the morning at 6 o'clock. I'm a early riser. Daisy was fast asleep. I went back to sleep cause we're going to have a long day a head for us. I went back to sleep.

Someone was on top of me shaking me, and I woke up. It was a blur at first, then I saw Daisy. She kept on saying, "wake up sleeping head." I pushed her off and whined, "I'm awake, I'm awake!"

We went down stairs and mike came up to us, and through us over his shoulders. He spun us around a couple of times. Then, he tossed us down on the couch. I playfully punch him in his arm.

We ate, then I got all of my stuff, including a one out fit Daisy chose for me, for the concert.

Daisy p.o.v.

Emily left and I got into the shower. I took a long one, without being rudely interrupted by my mischievous brother. When I got out I got my towel and raped it around me and left the bathroom.

Out side the door I saw zoey crying infront  of the door. I asked her "whats wrong", in a sad face. She said "I heard something." I motioned her to come with me to my room.

"Turn around please, I have to get dressed," I asked her. She did so, and I got dressed into my new outfit. I wore a green shirt with pink flowers, and a white throw over. I wore a pink mini skirt, and some light green heels. ( They both matched the shirt.)

I dried my hair and decided to straighten mt hair, and wear a pink One Direction head band, with matching earings.

I totally for got about Zoey. "Zoey come here." "yes?"

We went down stairs and some one rang the door bell and Zoey got scared and screamed.

Emily p.o.v.

I rang the door bell and some one screamed. I jumped a little when I heard it.

Daisy opened the door and jestered for me to come in. 

I looked at her and said in a sassy tone, " ohhh some ones getting there party on tonight!" She blushed and said, " I know unlike some one", she said with a smile. We both started to laugh. 

"You look good to," she commented after she caught her breath.

Daisy p.o.v.

I saw Emily and she looked beautiful. I thought she even looked better than me.

I wondered where Mike was because me and Emily had to go to the concert in a bit. I texted him"Where are you me and Emily are going to the concert soon and some one needs to watch Zoey." " I'm infront of the house with my g.f." Mike replied. " Come back in, me and Emily have to go."

Mike walked in with his girl friend Hanna. I think some day she's going to break my brothers heart.

"Bye love ya guys" I said while giving everyone hugs. "Bye " Emily said to every one, following me to the car. I got into the car and left to go to the concert. Me and Emily were so excited.

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