Could it be You

A girl named Daisy, is with her friend, Emily, and talks about going to the One Direction concert. Before she goes she has to go to the mall and get a new outfit. She bumpes into Harry Styles, from One Direction. They get to know each other better. A very strong relationship grows between them. (all rights reserved)


2. chapter 2~mall

Daisy p.o.v.

I arrived at the mall and met up with Emily. We went to forever 21. We tried on a lot of clothes that we picked. It was great because we wore the same size. We chose alot of clothes that we both tried on to see who it looked better on. We tried on shoes, and we had the same shoe size too. We were walking out with bags and shoe boxes.

We flipped a coin to see who would hold the shoes because we both didn't want to hold them. It ended out with me holding the shoe's.From all of the shoes we got when I held them they were higher then my head. I tried to look around them. I tried so hard to hold them, then *bam*, some one walked right into me.

It cause me to drop all of the shoe boxes and it made me fall. Emily just stood there staring in front of me. I looked at who it was, it was Harry Styles from One Direction!  Harry said, "sorry," and helped me up.

Harry p.o.v.

I wasn't looking and then I bumped into a girl holding a lot of boxes. I looked at her and she was gorgeous,and I kept staring. I quickly snapped out of it and said sorry. I helped her up.

 She stacked all of the shoe boxes. and tried to pick them all up. I said, "Let me help you with those." I took half of them and asked, " Where do we take them?"   " To my car", she said back.

We walked to her car and put all of her stuff in her car. She asked " can you take a picture with me and my friend?". I said "Yes". We asked some stranger to take a picture of us.

She said, " See you at the concert tommorow,maybe." She was going to the concert!?

I mumble,"Yeah maybe", giving her a cheeky smile.

Daisy p.o.v.

I can't believe I just met Harry Styles. I probably looking like an idiot just staring at him shocked. I said, " See you at the concert tomorrow, maybe."

Why would I say that thinking to my self.

I had to give Emily a ride because her parents couldn't pick her up. When I got into the car with I was freaking out! Emily was too.

"Can you belive we just met the gorgous and one and only Harry Styles", I squealed. "I know right ", she said bouncing up and down from her seat. We finally got to my house

She decided to sleepover at my house, because it was 9:00p.m.

I got into my pajamas and let her use some. When we got to my room we fell straight to sleep, because we spent all of the day at the mall.

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