Could it be You

A girl named Daisy, is with her friend, Emily, and talks about going to the One Direction concert. Before she goes she has to go to the mall and get a new outfit. She bumpes into Harry Styles, from One Direction. They get to know each other better. A very strong relationship grows between them. (all rights reserved)


1. chapter 1~at home

Dasiy p.o.v.

My name is Daisy. I live in the U.S.A. I live with my  mom, older brother, and a younger sister. My brother's name is Mike, and My sister's name is Zoey. I'm the middle child. Its summer break, and my friend-Emily- invited me to a One Direction concert. I'm freaking out about it. I'm rubbing it in my brothers face, even though he doesn't care.

I called  Emily and asked, " Are you ready for this concert in a coulple days ?." "Yeah who wouldn't be!" Emily squealed. " do you want to go shoppping tommorow"she asked me. "Yeah," I replied.We talked for hours,about clothes, shoes, make up, mostly about One Direction. " I got to go, see you tommorow", I told her. I went down stairs, and turned on the television. When I did I realized I didn't know what time to meet her at the mall. I texted her ,what time to meet her up at the mall. She replied and said, 12:00.

My mom came home with food and we ate. I kept annoying my family about the concert during dinner. I went back to the t.v. and I was flipping through the channels. I saw One Direction on the news. I tried to watch but I fell asleep. I woke up when my brother took me up stairs. I looked at my phone it was 3 o'clock in the morning. I didn't have time to thank him because when he put me on my bed I fell a sleep.

I woke up and looked at my phone to see the time. It was 7:00, and Emily texted me and it was a reminder about going to the mall today. I went to the bathroom to take a shower. My older brother yelled through the door saying I've been in there for two hours, I kind of believed him, because I thought I was in there for a long time too. I got out of the shower, got my towel and was rapped it around me. I ran out of the bathroom as fast as I could with the towel around me. I looked at the time it was only 7:30.

I put on my robe went to the bath room and knocked on the door. I screamed through the door at Mike. He yelled back,"your so gullibe." "No I'm not, your gonna pay," I screamed back at him I stomped off to my room. I didn't know what to wear. I found a black and white poka dot blouse and I put it on. I put on some pink skinny jeans. I curled my brown long hair and put half of it up and half of it down. I put on some light pink eye shadow.

I went down stairs and ate some cereal. Mike came down stairs and I started to walk over to him. I punched him in the arm.

Mike p.o.v.

I was walking down stairs, and Daisy was walking over to me. She puch me in the arm, but I threw her on my shoulder. I started twirling her around. I gently threw her on the couch.

She tried to get up but it looked like she was too dizzy. I laughed at her. I walked over to the kitchen to get some cereal. I got a bowl and poured lucky charms and  milk. As I was walking out of the kitchen with my cereal, I got tackled.

All of my cereal spilled all over me. I heard Daisy chuckle,"Told you I was going to get payback." Then Zoey walked in and asked Daisy,'' Don't you have to go to the mall?" Daisy said " I almost for got thanks."


authors note-

 I'm knew at this, tell me what you thought Hoped you liked it . TeeHee!!!

   .  .


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