Truly, madly, deeply (Harry version)

If you want another version with you as the girl then please comment your name and the boy you want it with also if you want action and romance or drama and romance or something and romance. (all versions are not the same and i wont do anything without romance)


3. Why is Harry not okay?

                                     Clare's P.O.V

                 I came into my (well Harry's) room and saw him crying. "Harry?" He looked up and I kinda frowned. "I think Zayn hates me now." He continued to cry. All I could do was cuddle with him so I did. Zayn came into the room for Harry "Clare. I-I-I-I... can't say it." He looked down at the floor and cryed. "Zayn what's wrong." He wrote down something on his hand and showed it to me. His hand said 'I still love you.' "I'm sorry Zayn." He started bawling and left. I felt like I was a problem. "Harry?" He looked up and his face was red and there were tears everywhere. "Harry, are you alright?" He buried his face in my shoulder as he hugged me. "I l-l-love you s-s-so m-m-much", he told me in tears. "I love you too." I don't know why Zayn likes me he was being a jerk after you know what happened. "Harry, no matter what we will still be together." I kissed his forehead. "Louis!!!! Come in here!!!!!" Louis came in. "What happened? Did you breeak his heart?" "No. Can you please comfort Harry? I'm gonna check on Zayn." "Okay. Come here buddy." I left to go to Zayn's room.

                                     Zayn's P.O.V

                Clare walked into my room. "Zayn why do you still love me?" Clare was beautiful I wish I could kiss her once more. "I don't know. You were the first girl that I actully loved." "Oh but..." I kissed her. I don't know why but I did. It felt like the best thing ever while we kissed. She didn't even try to pull away. "Uh...." I kissed her again this time with tongue. She did the same. "Uh.... Huh?" She ran out of the room. Why did she leave?

                                                     Clare's P.O.V

                    Damnit!!!! I can't take this. Zayn is flirting with me? The girl who broke his heart. He really does love me! How will Harry handle this? I hope he doesn't find out! I ran into a random room so I could cry without being noticed. I started to cry on a bed in the room and then Liam walked in. "Clare? What are you doing in here?" "I'm trying to get away from Harry and Zayn. Can I ask you something?" "Of course." "What should I do if Zayn kisses me twice and I love Harry but wouldn't let Zayn stop?" "You better make sure Harry doesn't find out." "Can I stay in your room for a while?" "Sure." After an hour I left Liam's room. "Hey Harry." "Where have you been?" "I-I-I-I....."  I ran into my room.  

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