Truly, madly, deeply (Harry version)

If you want another version with you as the girl then please comment your name and the boy you want it with also if you want action and romance or drama and romance or something and romance. (all versions are not the same and i wont do anything without romance)


10. Stiches and a Surprise!

                                 Harry's P.O.V

                    Today is the day i get stitches and Clare isn't here yet. I hope she's comes soon, I don't wanna get them until she is here and I don't care if I get an infection for doing that.

                                                                  ~one hour later~

                  She's not here and now the doctors are making me get the stitches. I'm worried about Clare. After a few minutes of going into intense thinking about her, they were done with the stitches. I can't believe it didn't hurt that much. Well, I have gotten a lot of tattoos so it makes sense ,right? After another hour of laying in my hospital bed Clare came. "Harry!" she said with tears in her eyes. She came up to the bed and gave me a big hug. "Clare where were you?" "I was asleep. That is something I need to catch up on. Ha...." I could tell that was a lie but i didn't wanna pressure her into telling me she would tell me when she wanted. For the rest of the day we talked, until one of the workers came in and said it was time for Clare to leave. We kissed and she left. It was time for me to sleep in this lonely place and knowing Clare is hiding something from me makes it worse! She can tell me when she can though.

                                Clare's P.O.V

                I'm pregnant... this can't be.... me and Harry were supposed to make our own baby not Zayn. I can't believe I had to lie to Harry that whole time. When I came in I went straight to bed and cried. After a while Liam came in. "Clare what's wrong?" He closed the door to be more private. "I'm pregnant, with Zayn's baby." I cried some more after that. "Clare its gonna be okay you have options. You can abort or put it up for adoption." The idea of killing a baby in my head was horrible! Adoption, why would you do that to someone! They would never know who their parents are. "Liam, I can't do any of that to a little baby. I don't wanna tell Harry until I start showing." I felt like that would be a good time to tell him. "Okay this will be our secret. I won't even tell Zayn." After that he told me a joke that cheered me up. Then he left and I fell asleep. I had all these weird dreams about Harry killing me when I told him. I knew that wouldn't happen but that was all I saw in my dreams. Harry is a sweet guy why am I worried?

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