Truly, madly, deeply (Harry version)

If you want another version with you as the girl then please comment your name and the boy you want it with also if you want action and romance or drama and romance or something and romance. (all versions are not the same and i wont do anything without romance)


18. Simmer down, simmer down

*a few weeks later*

                     Clare's P.O.V

             I never knew how good of a father Harry would be. He always tries to make her happy and normally lets me sleep when she's fussy at night. It hasn't been long but her eye colour has set in. She has her father's beautiful green eyes. Sydney is now my life, everything I do is for her. I even started to do online school, so I could finish school and get a good job. Harry and the lads have made friends with another band, who is opening up for them, they're 5 seconds of summer. The lads have been super awesome help for me and I can have all the weight off my shoulders at times. I really wish they didn't have to go on tour and leave me alone in this huge house. Today, I finally get to meet 5 seconds of summer. They came over to meet with the boys and they're all super nice. *ding dong* Its them. I rushed to answer the door because I was so excited, I don't know why. When I opened the door I had to look up, like I have to do with Harry. They're all about 183 cm. They're so tall. "Hello. Did we get the wrong house?", said the one with dimples. "Hi, and no you did not get the wrong house. I'm Harry's fiancé." "Oh, it's nice to met you...?" said the tallest. "Clare." "Well, I'm Luke, that's Calum, that's Ashton, and that's Mikey." I heard Sydney crying. "Come on in. I've gotta go take care of Sydney, the boys are just outside" I rushed to Sydney and quickly rocked her and walked into my room. I could tell they were judging me. I soon realized she wanted to be fed so I started to breast feed and put up a sign so no one walked in. 

                   Harry's P.O.V

          Me and the lads were hanging outside when the boys from 5 seconds of summer came out. "Hey guys, what's up?" "Nothing, we just met Clare. She's nice. I didn't know you had a fiancé, Harry." Michael said. "Yeah, its complicated." We started to talk about the tour and what would happen and what songs they would play and all that stuff. After that we just talked about random things and got to know each other more since they were coming on tour probably a good thing to do. "So what's with the baby? I think her name was Sydney..?" asked Calum. "Oh, Harry and her had a baby. He's not even the father, but he's cool with it." Zayn replied. "Yeah the whole story is complicated we'll probably tell you some other time." Louis said. After a bit, I heard a faint noise, so I went to check and see how Clare was doing. That was when I heard that faint noise clearly. It was the sound of Sydney's crying. I ran up the stairs and in the corner of my eyes I could see the boys watching me run. I opened the door panicking. "Clare, is everything alright?" I could still hear Sydney's screeches. Clare didn't answer, she was asleep on her books. She was probably studying. I walked up to Sydney to try to get her to stop crying. All she wanted was attention, so I decided to bring her downstairs with me to have the lads help me with her sudden craving for attention. I came down and Ashton walked up to me and said, "Awww she's so cute." He turned into a little girl and everyone started to laugh. "Can I hold her, Harry? Please?" "Of course you can." I handed her to him. He started to talk in a baby voice. "Hi Sydney. Hopefully I can see you more often, you're so cute." Everyone was laughing at that point. "You guys can pass her around if you want. All she wanted was attention, which is why I brought her down." "Let me hold her, Ashton." Ashton handed the baby to Michael. She had a puzzled face on because of his hair. "She's so judgmental I can already tell she's gonna be rude. Hahaha, just kidding. She's so cute." He had some time with Sydney and then passed her on to Calum. "I wanna see her fingers." He grabbed her hand and she wrapped her fingers around his. "Awwwh that's really cute. She's got quite long fingers maybe she could learn guitar from Michael." He had some time with her, then passed her along to Luke. She smiled after just a glance of his face. Luke's face was so brightened and he was so happy. It was really cool, like he was a father himself. "She's got the greenest eyes. This is why I really wanna be a father. They're always so small and so cute. No matter what." His eyes looked so alive in the moment. He had some time then gave her back to me. "Harry, can I keep her? She's just so cute." Everyone chuckled. "I'm not ready to let my baby girl go. I don't think I ever will." That made everyone chuckle even more. Everyone just talked. It got stopped for me why she started crying and I realized it was time for her nap. "Sorry lads I gotta put her to bed." I went up to her room to put her to sleep. I rocked her for about 15 minutes her she fell asleep. I don't know why she isn't a hassle to put to bed, its sorta weird. I went to my room to check on Clare and she was still sleeping at her desk, so I figured I would put her in her bed too. That was when I realized how cute she looks when she asleep so I texted the lads saying I was going to stay up with Clare for a bit. I sat there and cuddled her for a long time. After a bit she woke up. "Hey sleepy head."
                Clare's P.O.V

           "Hey, how long was I asleep?" He looked at the time. "About an hour." I looked around "Where's Sydney?" "I put her to sleep for her nap. I even let the boys meet her." My quick wave of panic was over. "Good to know she's fine." I brushed my hair and went downstairs to get some food and Harry went too. The boys got Nando's since 5 seconds of summer was still over. "Oh, hey guys. Just in time, we got Nando's!" An excited Niall almost screamed. "Hey, Clare, up from your nap I see." Luke greeted me. "Yeah I was just studying for this test coming up." "What's it for?" "English. I want to write books, so I can go on the road with Harry and not worry about missing work." "Speaking of which, Harry has some good news." I turned to Harry. "I know its short notice, but management is letting me take you on tour with me since we have the baby and all."  My face brightened up. "That's amazing, Harry!" I went in to kiss him. "We should eat now I'm starving." We ate our Nando's and watched some football when we were interrupted by Sydney's crying. "She's probably hungry let me go check and see." Sure enough she was hungry. I decided I still wanted to hang with the boys so I just used a small blanket to cover it up. When I came back down they were all pretty happy I was down there. "Yeah, she was just hungry." They all just laughed. I sat between Harry and Luke. Luke was trying hard to not pay attention to the breast feeding happening at the moment and Harry was cuddling me and Sydney. He gave me a kiss on the forehead and said "Can I take off your blanket?" and the boys were just surprised he said that. "Please get a room, Harry." They all laughed at what Liam said. I looked at me straight in my eyes. "Nope too bad for you, Harry." I giggled. "Oh you're so getting punished with some tickles after she's done eating." After a bit Sydney was done eating and I  handed her to Harry. "Here you go Liam." He was the furthest away, and Harry didn't want to hurt Sydney. Harry started moving my hands towards me. "Harry, what are you doing?" "Don't worry I'm just gonna..." He started to tickle me. "Tickle you!!!" I started laughing and saying "Please don't!!!" Luke looked over and started to chuckle. He was fine with all this stuff it was sorta weird. That was when all of a sudden he joined in on the tickling to make me laugh more and plead more. "Attack!" He said and then all of a sudden Ashton joined in and so did Niall. "Haha, guys we should give her a break now." They stopped and I was catching her breath. "Harry!" I hit Harry's arm playfully. "Oh now you're really gonna get punished, later." He went back to cuddling me and I just stared at me. "What is it?" He gave me a cheeky smile. "You're so cute, I love you." That made his smile bigger. "I love you, too." He kissed me on the lips. We spent the rest of the day talking about the tour to 5sos and just getting to know them more. Then we had to say good bye and me and Harry took Sydney to her room to put her to sleep. Then we went back to our room. "You're still being punished, Clare." He started to kiss me and I kissed back. After a bit he added tongue and so did I. Before I could realize it we were making out. That was when we were on the bed and he was on top of me. I liked where this was going. That was when he started to rub my crotch and my breathing got heavier and I started shaking. I could feel him smile about this. He had control over me. After he stopped I started to grind on his dick. A boner popped up and he couldn't handle himself. He started to take off my shirt. Then he pulled me hair back and started to give me a hickey on my neck and I let a moan slip. I didn't care if anyone heard they would understand. That was when things started to really heat up. He took of his shirt and I started to unbutton my shorts and he took off his pants. There we were just in our underwear making out while I'm grinding on him. That was when he started to move his free hand to my butt and feel it. He even pinched it. He made us stop the kissing and asked me "How bad do you want this now?" We were both breathing heavy. "I want it now." He went to pull down his underwear. I watched as he slowly pulled it down. I could see some pubes and I almost saw his dick, but then he pulled his underwear back up. "Well, this is your punishment." My face turned so sad. "But babe I want your body now." He chuckled. "You shouldn't have done that now, have you?" I rolled my eyes but laughed. He's such a tease. I got up and walked to the closet to change and swayed my hips to try and tease him. I got my pjs on and went to bed in his arms.

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