Truly, madly, deeply (Harry version)

If you want another version with you as the girl then please comment your name and the boy you want it with also if you want action and romance or drama and romance or something and romance. (all versions are not the same and i wont do anything without romance)


2. She's so beautiful.

                                         Harry's P.O.V

        "Clare you look tried. You should probaly get some rest." "I'm really thankful that you are letting me stay here for a couple days." I got really puzzled."What do you mean? This is your new home." She got really sleepy so I put her in my bed to sleep in. "Good night, Clare." I left the room go to hang out with the boys. "Is Clare okay?" Niall was really concerned about her. "Yeah. She just getting some sleep so we gotta be quiet." They all groaned. "But Harry the soccer game is on." Louis loves soccer. "Let's record it so we can still watch it." Liam's idea was brilliant. We recorded the game and started text each other so we wouldn't make a lot of noise. When it turned to night I came into my room to see Clare crying. "Clare what's wrong?" "I had a nightmare." "You could've came out." I could tell she was terified from the night mare. "But I usually cry until I fall asleep." Tears started coming out of her eyes. "Its alright you can tell me about the nightmare or cuddle up with me and I tell you every thing is alright." When I said the second thing I was smiling a flrity smile. I couldn't help it. She is the cutest girl I've ever met.

                                       Clare's P.O.V

           I feel safe with Harry. He's really... cheeky! I've never met anyone who would flirt with me so much. I think he's... hot. What is this feeling I'm getting? "Hello? Earth to Clare." "Huh?" "Do you wanna cuddle?" I don't know what to say. This is confusing! "Sure!" We cuddled. Even when we fell asleep! When I woke up he was still cuddling me. Harry was awake. "Morning beautiful." "Hello handsome!" I had to flirt back. How could I resist?!? Someone as cheeky and hot as him doesn't come to me at all. I wanna boyfriend again. After my mom and dad died all I did was cry and all my ex-boyfriend, Zayn, did was complain about me! I broke up with him because of how selfish he was. "Let's get some breakfast." "Okay." I walked out to see Niall, Louis, another brunette, and Zayn eating breakfast. "Zayn, why are you here?" "Clare, how did you get here?" I ran out of the kitchen. "Clare come back!" Harry came with me. "Clare, how do you know Zayn?" "He's my ex-boyfriend. I broke up with him because", A tear fell from my eye,"after my mom and dad died I cryed all the time all he did was complain so I broke up with him." Tears were falling out of my eyes. Harry hugged me. I cryed into his shoulder. "Hey. Cheer up Clare. I'll bring out something for you to eat and we'll eat on the couch, okay?" "Kay." He brought out two plates. One piled with food and one with a regular amount. I was scarving down my food. Even though I ate yesterday I was starving! "Wow, you eat more than Niall." Niall caome out. "I heard food and Niall." "No Niall you can't eat Clare's food." "Aww!" Niall is really funny! Louis came and sat down by Harry. "You better take good care of Harry, Clare. He needs lots of love. Harry is like a puppy he needs attention." "Why are you telling me this? I'm not dating him." "Oh, well you should be." I started blushing and Harry wrapped his arm around me. After we finished our breakfast Harry and I cuddled on the couch. Harry started singing a song that  went like this,' And they say she's in the class A-Team. Been this way since 18 but lately. Her face seems slowly sinking wasting. Crumbling like pasteries.' "I love your voice, its so sexy!" He smiled and blushed. "Thank you." "Aww!" We turned around to see Louis, Niall, and the other brunette. "Louis, Liam, Niall? What are all of you doing here?" Oh the other is Liam. "We heard you singing so we came out." said Liam. His voice is perfect. Harry blushed and hid under a blanket. "Harry?" I went under the blanket to look for him. Then Harry saw me and kissed me. I did the same. "That was amazing." I forgot the others were there. When we came out of the blanket they were sitting on the chouch watching soccer. "Where's Zayn?" Harry asked. "I don't know I think he's in his room." Niall said.

                                                      Harry's P.O.V

    I went to Zayn's room to see him bawling his eyes out. "What's wrong, Zayn?" "I loved Clare all I wanted her to do was stop crying. I still love Clare." Woah. "I-I-I don't know what to do. She got swept off her feet by you." I don't know what to do I'm really surprised. A tear fell from my eye. "I'm sorry, Zayn. I didn't know." I ran out into my room. I dug my face into my pillow and cryed into it. I don't know what to do.

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