Truly, madly, deeply (Harry version)

If you want another version with you as the girl then please comment your name and the boy you want it with also if you want action and romance or drama and romance or something and romance. (all versions are not the same and i wont do anything without romance)


6. Not a Band Problem

                                                                 Harry's P.O.V

                 I went back upstairs to Clare to find her with a knife and blood on the floor. "Clare?" "OW!" "CLARE!!!" I screamed bloody murder. "Don't worry I'm not killing myself." Oh no, we haven't been making her stay any better. "Clare..... P-p-please don't cut yourself. You're gonna make me cry." I sat on the floor next to her but she continued and I started to cry. "P-p-p-please.... C-c-c-clare.... I-I-I don't like this." She stopped. I was still crying though. "Sorry, Harry its just like when I was going to school. My best friend was being bullied and so was I. Eventually, she hung herself. I found her like that." Clare's life was so messed up. She made me want to cry until i died. "Clare you've gone through so much." I couldn't take it anymore. "Clare, I'm getting you a therapist." She had a shocked look on her face. "Harry, I don't like people. Its just too much to handle." "I know but how is this gonna be better?" "I don't like memories either. They're just here to rot inside of you until you die." Then there was a ring and the door. I went downstairs and opened the door. It was Paul. "What is it?" "Have you seen this video on your channel?" What video?" He showed it to me. "Do you  know how horrible this is for us?" It was the same rant he did. He always says the next day there will be the press, random fans, blah blah blah! I knew Zayn did it. Why doesn't he go away?

                                                                Clare's P.O.V

                   I really hope he doesn't get me a therapist. After Harry left, Zayn came in. "Hey." I started cutting trying to act like he wasn't there. "Oh my gosh. You wanna kill yourself? NO!" He ran out. After that I went downstairs to get some paper towels and bandaids. Liam walked up to me. "What's wrong?" "Where's the paper towels? Oh and can you get me some bandaids?" Paper towels are in the kitchen and okay." I went to the kitchen. Niall was in the fridge. I saw the paper towels and wrapped some around my arm. Instead of bandaids, Liam came out with tape. He taped the paper towels on me. "Sorry we ran out of bandaids." "That's okay." Louis walked in. "Did Liam drop something on your arm?" "No I was cutting myself." There was a silence. "Why?" "This is reminding me so much of school." Tears came out and I ran upstairs. The boys came to me and it was really awkward. "Come downstairs we'll get you an ice pack and some food. Sit on the couch and you can watch whatever you like, we won't complain", said Niall. I went downstairs with them got my ice, a cheese-itz box, and the remote. I was so happy. Zayn wasn't here and after a while Harry joined. It was really fun. Then the news came on. "From best friends to enemies, will they stay together or break up. Harry Styles only likes Clare and doesn't want them in the way find out more, later." Uh-oh. Harry just shed a tear. I wish Zayn wasn't here. Why wasn't he bullied for dating me?


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