Truly, madly, deeply (Harry version)

If you want another version with you as the girl then please comment your name and the boy you want it with also if you want action and romance or drama and romance or something and romance. (all versions are not the same and i wont do anything without romance)


15. Management talk

                    Harry's P.O.V

             "Harry, we really need to talk." I looked around the room with a confused expression. I sat down. "What do you want?" "We know you love Clare, but we don't treat her well because, these babies are going to get in the way of your career." "Okay." He looked around the room as if something was gonna happen. "Why did you do it?" "What?" "Have sex." I shook my head. "We didn't." "What?" I sighed. "When Zayn and I were fighting he forced her to have sex. He's really sorry about it now, though. Clare doesn't want to kill the babies. We decided to keep two of them and give up one." "Wait, you two are having triplets?" "Yeah why do you think we are keeping two." "Harry, we want you to give up all of the babies. We don't want you to have any kids until you actually do this on purpose." "No. Clare doesn't like the idea of that. Clare wants two of them to have been raised by parents. She didn't like that idea of none of them seeing us but she thought about it and thats final." He looked surprised. "Harry, no." "Can't we just have our own choices?!? Why would it even matter that we want them?!? Geez, just let us have what we want!!!!" He looked so shocked by what I said. "I think its time I leave." I opened the door for him. "Oh and, Clare and I are engaged. We have our own choices!" He walked out and I slammed the door and locked it. I went upstairs and started to pack again. Leaving Clare is gonna be hard but I have to start the tour. There's still seven more days until I leave. After a few hours I was done packing and went to sleep in my lonely bed.

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