Truly, madly, deeply (Harry version)

If you want another version with you as the girl then please comment your name and the boy you want it with also if you want action and romance or drama and romance or something and romance. (all versions are not the same and i wont do anything without romance)


11. *4 months later* I have to tell Harry

                                 Clare's P.O.V

                 It's been four months since I found out I was pregnant and my baby belly is showing. Now I have to tell Harry, but its just too hard! I don't want to be abandoned after telling him. Most of my shirts are very tight and I can see my belly poking out. I went to go talk to Liam while he was in his bedroom. "Hey, Liam, can you tell that I'm starting to show?" I was so unsure that I had to talk to him. Its not like I could walk up to Harry and say that. "Uhhhhhh............ Yeah I can tell. Its looks like your starting to gain weight even though you are super skinny." Damn it! Now Harry can see it, and I hug him everyday! What if he feels something kicking, now that I'm showing? "Thanks Liam. Now that I have to tell Harry, what do you suggest I do?" Liam sat there for a few seconds thinking. Then he got something. "Walk up to him and before he hugs you say: 'Harry I need to tell you something.' Ask him what he would do if someone told him they were pregnant. After that tell him you're pregnant. If you can't keep a secret from him than you have to tell him that Zayn is the father and it was an accident and what happened." I had to tell him what happened no matter what! "Okay thanks, I'm really nervous." "Don't be. Harry is a loving person." "Okay, I'm gonna tell him now wish me luck." I started to walk out when I heard Liam say, "Good luck!" Harry is gonna be so pissed as walked downstairs I saw Zayn leaving with his bags. I wonder where he's going? I got to the floor when Harry came up to me and hugged me. "Morning beautiful." He smiled. "Did I feel something move? Why does it look like you gained weight? Clare what's wrong?" "Harry I need to talk to you alone." Louis and Niall looked really confused as we walked back to our room. This is gonna be horrible!

                                Harry's P.O.V

                     Clare has been acting really weird and she has been feeling really sick too. She's had the weirdest mood swings and is always craving sweets. Now she has to tell me something and I'm not sure if she is depressed or something. I wanna know what it is now. We walked into the room and she closed the door. "Harry what would you do if someone told you they were pregnant?" What is this about does she want kids? "If they were my girlfriend I would tell them congrats, I love you and I would kiss them." She looked hesitant for a while. Something was terribly wrong. "Harry I-I'm............... pregnant with Zayn's baby. Its a long story." She winced as if I was gonna hurt her. My mouth just dropped. How did this happen? "Harry, I know what you're gonna say. Its okay I packed my bags and I'll leave as soon as poss-" "No I'm not breaking up with you. I wanna hear the story." If I didn't hear the story I would die! Zayn why? "Okay so when you were in the hospital I was home alone with Zayn and he came into our room with nothing but a robe on. He started saying random shit. I thought he was drunk. I had no idea it was just the two of us. He forced me to have sex with him. I yelled for the boys but of course no answer. I feel terrible Harry. This wasn't supposed to happen." I can't think straight. I can't believe this! What is going through Zayn's head? After a few seconds of silence. "Does Zayn know?" "No." "Than why was he leaving?" "God knows why." I guess I shouldn't worry. "Clare, what do you wanna do? With the baby I mean." "Keep it, I'm not killing it or let it never meet us. I feel like that's just plain rude." I was so surprised by what she said. "What if we just-" She cut me off. "No, Harry! I can't do it." Okay so she isn't going to give in. I think I can go with the idea of having a baby crawling around. "Alright let's raise a baby together." She smiled at that. I smiled back at her.

                                            Clare's P.O.V

                     Harry gave me a cheeky smile! How can I turn that down? "We should probably go eat now." We went downstairs together and of course this happened. "What was going on up there?" I just hid my face. I didn't know what to say. "Clare, should we..." "Yeah, um, could you tell them?" "Clare is pregnant." My face was still hidden when all of a sudden it felt like two people were hugging me. "Congrats, Clare." I smiled. Hopefully they don't find out it was Zayn who did this to me. I don't want them to find out about that part.

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