have read it to find out........


2. What Happened??


Rachel's p.o.v

Rachel ran up to her tree house and started crying. why did she even care she wondered. she didn't even like Liam he was a jerk. Rachel went on her computer and went to Skype her 'friend' to tell her about the break up with her and Liam. her 'friend' Ashley didn't pick up her Skype so Rachel decided to go over and talk to Ashley face to face. Rachel didn't feel like driving so she made her mom take her instead. she went in Ashley's house and guess what Liam and her were sitting on the couch making out  Rachel walked out and decided to walk home. while Rachel was walking she thought she saw someone familiar  but who. OMG! it was Liam Payne from one direction. while Rachel was walking she fell and got knocked out. the last thing she remembered was seeing Liam Payne trying to help her up.


she woke up she was in the hospital. she completely forgot what happened. Liam was sitting down and she asked ''what happened'' and he said ''while you were walking you tripped and hit your head and became concious love.'' and ''why were you crying love'' he asked Rachel. ''i broke up with my boyfriend because he was cheating on me with my 'friend' Ashley.'' i don't really like either of them and i don't know why i care so much.'' he said ''it would be better and asked if she wanted to come over and hang out with the other boys.'' she said ''that would be great and also said her name was Rachel.'' they left the hospital and drove to Liams and the boys' house. when Liam was driving Rachel put on the radio. the song what makes you beautiful was on. Liam heard Rachel sing and he started singing along with her. they both got out of the car and walked toward the house. Rachel thought to herself what are the boys gonna think of me..... i look like a mess......


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