have read it to find out........


5. To Far



when Rachel and Niall got out of the car the other boys where finally there. they asked Rachel and Niall what happened. Rachel told them everything they were really mad. Rachel and Niall calmed them down. Niall was mad the most when will tried to ask her out. the rest or dare. they ate and when all of them were eating Niall and Rachel wanted to tell them that they were dating. they told them and said harry looked at his phone today and saw that and told the rest of the guys. Niall said to harry now i'm gonna lock my phone from now on. when Rachel was about to go home Niall said he would drive her but the other boys were hiding in the back. when Rachel pulled in to her drive way she noticed something. someone broke into her house!!!!!!!!!!!!!


when Rachel told Niall the other boys got up and was trying to help. Liam called #911 and all of them waited for them to come. when #911 arrived they heard a scream. they all rushed in there and Rachel was really worried. she was crying and hugging Niall. when #911 finally got out it was Liam and will they went to see if Rachel was there so she could go and take her so will and her could be boyfriend and girlfriend. now Rachel was scared to death if they broke into my house what would they do next?all of them rode back to the boys' house Rachel was staying there for the night. of the night was really fun for all of them. they played truth or dare.they had a brilliant time except when they had to figure out where every one was gonna sleep. Zayn wasn't there he was on a vacation with Perry  so Rachel slept in his bed. before Rachel went to bed she explored the house it was huge. there was a music studio, dance studio, game room, and every thing you could imagine. its like they worked at there house. but the thing is they didn't. it was for practice. Rachel finally went to Zayns room. Niall was in there and she asked him for an extra pair of clothes lie sweats or something. Danial got the clothes and left. she took off her dirty clothes and put on those clean ones. she layed down and slowly drifted away and was thinking what was going to happen next. then she just fell asleep.

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