have read it to find out........


3. Nando's



this beautiful girl walked into the house with Liam ''i wonder what happened'' harry thought. Liam introduced Rachel, and the boys introduced themselves. she seemed really lovely. i think she was into Niall though. Louis made her laugh so hard in the first five minutes. Niall took Liam to the back room to see what happened i really wanted to know what happened. Niall and Liam walked out and Niall asked everyone ''if they were hungry'' everyone said ''yes'' and they decided to go to eat at Nando's. Rachel asked Niall what exactly is Nando's. Niall was shocked. he told her and he recommended her getting the original chicken sandwich.it seemed like they'd be a great couple.  they talked the whole time. we all ate and since Niall picked Nando's he had to pay. when they were walking out to the van Louis called sitting by Rachel and the whole ride back was hilarious. they had a great time but the thing is Zayn wasn't there. Niall asked Rachel for her phone number and so did the other boys but mostly Niall.  Liam drove Rachel home and said she could come over anytime if she needed anything or support.


 Rachel's p.o.v

Rachel just had the best day of her life other than the whole boyfriend thing and passing out. she loved hanging with the boys she could just be herself with out anyone making fun of her. she liked Niall the most and she could kind of tell that he liked her too. she got on some comfy clothes and read a eragon book. Niall texted her saying ''hey babe.'' Rachel sent back saying ''do you want to do something this weekend with me.'' when Niall got that text his face turned bright red and he had a huge smile on his face. he said ''yes''. he was so glad that she asked him. he also put ''whats up.'' she got the texts and said ''OK'' and just hanging out, you.'' he replied by saying ''same and ill pick you up on Saturday at 6:00.'' they texted the rest of the night, she fell asleep and had to get ready for school. she dressed cute but today she was gonna be a lot nicer. if people didn't like it she didn't care because the boys definentaly liked it. she went on the bus this morning and was texting Niall the whole bus ride. in one of the texts he asked if she wanted to be his girlfriend she said ''yes'' and by that they were officially dating.


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