have read it to find out........


4. Back off


once Rachel got to school will came up to her and said ''since you and Liam are broken up do you want to go out with me.'' ''no'' Rachel replied. will asked ''why'' and Rachel said ''i am already dating someone.'' will said ''who?'' Rachel said ''why is it any of your business .'' ''i want to go beat up the guy for stealing my girl'' will replied. Rachel said ''now i'm definentaly not telling you and i am not your girl i'm HIS girl. so leave me alone.'' will walked away and said ''i'll find out sooner or later.''


today in science Rachel had to sit with Ashley and Liam  she could not stand them anymore than usually . Liam said to Rachel ''so will told me you were dating someone.'' ''yea'' Rachel said back angrily ''why do you want to know so bad'' demanded Rachel.  ''i just wanted to know'' Liam said. ''OK'' Rachel replied back. ''you guys aren't going to touch him or you will see what happens'' Rachel said and then finally ignored both of them. when it was lunch Rachel was texting Niall and asked ''can i come over when i'm done with school.'' he said ''that's perfect I've been wanting to see you.'' they were truly madly deeply in love. she told Niall what happened with Liam and will, and he didn't really like the idea. and also told him that will asked her out. at the end of the day Niall picked up Rachel and they went back to the house. they talked and had their first kiss. what they didn't  know that Liam and will were following and spying on them. Rachel is dating that dude from one direction whats his name? will asked. Liam responded by saying NIALL HORAN he is way better than us and now she hates us. will and Liam made a big noise on accident. Rachel and Niall saw the two of them and got really mad. Rachel took Niall out side and drove to Liams house to tell him something. Rachel knocked on the door Liam opened it and Rachel ''said i saw you and will spying on us and i know you cheated on me with Ashley '' Liam looked shocked and said ''how do you know that?'' ''when i got out of your car i went to my room and was trying to Skype Ashley she wasn't picking up so i walked to her house opened the door and saw you two making out and i walked out of her house and was walking home and i saw LIAM PAYNE and i tripped had to go to the hospital and met NIALL!'' Rachel replied. ''but i loved you'' Liam replied. Rachel yelled and said ''then why were you lying to me why did you cheat on me with Ashley and plus i didn't like either of you two and you already lost your chances'' after Rachel said that she walked away to Naills car and finally said ''if you touch Niall you will see whats coming to come up.'' And drove away with Niall back to his house. 

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