have read it to find out........


1. The Break-up


Rachel's p.o.v

When Rachel woke up for school that morning she realized something. When she was i middle school everyone made fun of her, and look at her now in high school, the most popularist person in the school. She had everything like money, a hot boyfriend, fans, and shes the head cheerleader. What else does she need. Other than school, when she was at home she was a total dork. She read eragon books, loved one direction, had her own tree house  glasses, and nerdy clothes that say I watch glee. She never really changed she just didn't want to be that bullied girl any more that sits in the back of the class starring at Will Marcus, with no friends.  She got dressed, put her make up on, curled her hair and put her cheerleader jacket on. She went downstairs, and saw that her mom and dad fighting again like always. She ate an apple, and when her boyfriend pulled in her driveway she put on her shoes. those shoes are always uncomfortable and hurt my feet, but they are so cute. she said ''bye'' to her mom and dad and gave them hugs and kisses and walked out to his car. Rachel was dating the hottest and most popularist boy in the school. He had the same as Rachel, good looks that's why he was named Liam. his full name is Liam William Rich. Rachel went in the car and yelled at Liam for being late. He purposely went to her house late because he knew it made her mad. Rachel didn't really like Liam she just dated him to make her image look better. it was her friends idea. she literally could not stand him or her other 'friends' you could call them. Rachel just wishes she could be herself and have a true friend but that would never come true. while her boyfreind was driving she asked him ''do you love me.'' he said ''yes'' but she knew he was lying and she was kind of glad. she looked at him and he looked at her and he smiled. once they finally got to school Rachel went with her 'friends' and Liam went with his friends.of course when she went to her 'friends' they criticized her and walked away to go to the bathroom. once they were gone Liams friends went up to Rachel and talked to Rachel and said ''Liam is cheating on you and went out with someone else.'' right when Will told her that she frowned it felt like she just got punched in the face that leaves a black eye. she really didn't understand why she cared so much either she hated him but it effected her and hurt her. so when she was in class the whole time she was day dreaming. when class was over and it was time to go home she went to Liam to take her home and she was going to break up with him. when she got in and buckled her seat belt she was thinking of the right time to bring it up. once they were at a stop sign she asked him "are you cheating on me??'' '' yes'' he replied. she said as mean as she could ''we are through.'' when he pulled into her drive way he said ''i can explain'' and she didn't even care and got out of the car and walked away.


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