Christofer Drew *Love Story*

There weren't many Christofer Drew Story's so I thought of making this one He's my Idol.Hope you Enjoy it.~


3. Chapter 3:Him.

*Sammy's P.o.v*

I woke up next to Chris on the couch,I looked at his face.

I smiled to myself as I laid on his bare chest.

Chris's phone rang and I didnt want to disturb him so I anwsered it.

'Hello?'I asked.

'Hey Drew.It's Mia.'I heard another girls voice.

'I just wanted to let you know I love you.I really miss you and your kisses.See ya soon,Bye Babe.'She said and hung up.

Did I hear what I thought I heard?

I shouldn't jump to conclusions right?

She put it int detail though,She said she Loved him,Missed him,Called him Babe,and even said she missed his kissed.

It was pretty damn clear to me what was going on.

I looked at his sleeping body,and back to his phone.

Even Good Guys turn bad...

I went into my room and packed a suitcase of clothes as I was ready to leave.

Chris came in and was confused by the whole scene.

'Whats going on Babe?'He asked as he tried to hug me but I moved out of the way.

'Ask 'Mia' she does miss you and your 'kisses' Drew.'I said harshly looking at him.

His face was priceless,he knew he was caught.

'Exactly what I thought.'I said as I grabbed my suitcase and walked out the door with Chris running behind me.

'Sammy,Sam!'He said as he grabbed my arm but I yanked it back.

'Don't touch me.Don't ever touch me!'I screamed at him.

His face had remorse written all over him.

'I knew your weren't the right guy.No one is,Your all Jerks and to stupid to understand me!'I said as I got into the car and locked the doors.

'Sammy!'He screamed as he tried opening the door.

'No,no,no,no.'I kept saying to myself.

I drove off but not before Chris had the chance to say the words.

'Sammy Louise Brook,I love you.'He said and with that I sped off.

Thinking of only one thing...



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