Christofer Drew *Love Story*

There weren't many Christofer Drew Story's so I thought of making this one He's my Idol.Hope you Enjoy it.~


2. Chapter 2:What is Love?

~*Sammy's POV*~

I didn't know where I was.Last thing I remember was me and Christofer kissing.That  boy made my problem's go away real fast.God damn it I love him.I woke-up in Christofer's bed.It was like a whatever thing,Me and Christofer have always slept in each other's bed's.No we haven't done "it"we still have a long way to go.I turned over feeling a pair of hand's wrapped around my waist.It was Chris.I smiled.Oh God How I love him.I started singing What is love? in a whisper tone.Then I hear Christofer singing it  to "Well Daddy I hope."I sang "I dream that she won't leave.And I have a question What is Love?"He sang.He was half asleep.I giggled because I was real Impressed on how good he sang he was half Asleep.Now I know why he was Every Girl's dream Guy.Especially mine's."I love you."He said I think he was asleep.I laughed a bit."I love you to."I said then laid back down.I turned over so I was facing him.He placed his hand's back on my waist and one on my face.

"I fucking love you."He said.I laughed a bit again."I love you to."I said."Do you really?"He asked."Of course I do,Your so spiritual and Cute."I said then kissed his cheek.A grin appeared on his face.I smiled.I placed my hand's on the back of his neck."Your warm?"I said He smiled "I know."He said.I moved closer towards him."So I guess you like my Body?"He said I blushed"Sorry."I said then scooted over."No,It was warm."He whined and pulled me real close.Our lips almost touched.I smiled.He then kissed me."Love you."He said "I love you to."I said then started drift off to sleep.I woke-up around 3pm.Christofer was making dinner.I got up and went to my room.I live with Christofer since our Sophomore year.I walked to my room and picked clothes threw my wardrobe.I wanted to go to the Beach so I got dressed.

I walked down the stairs.I saw Chris talking on the Phone.I went down grabbed the key's ate some bacon and was about to walk out of the house when Chris grabbed me by the arm.He said bye to whoever he was talking to and hung up."What?"I asked him."Where are you going?"He said then let go of my arm."To the Beach?"I said He smiled ran up-stairs and in less than 3 minutes he was in a Beach outfit and had his bag with extra clothes."Let's Go."He said and took the key's from my hand.I chased him down to the Drive -way.He was driving.We parked in the Beach Parking lot,we ran towards the beach we set up our tent and all that stuff.He ran to the Ocean,I was laughing.I was sitting under the Umbrella because it was real hot.I had my glasses on and was just relaxing.Then these boy's came-up to me trying to flirt."So is the loser with you?"The one with curls and tattoo's on his lip.

"That loser happen's to be her boyfriend!"I heard someone say.I looked and it was Christofer. "Finally,you came back."I said and then kissed him.One boy pulled me away."What the Fuck!"I screamed. "A beautiful girl doesn't deserve a fucked up crack head!"He snapped. "Who are you to be calling me a crack-head!"Chris hollered."Stop-it guys."I said as I brushed back my red hair out of my face.They were face to face,Then Chris was punched in the face by the boy.I screamed but two boys held me back."Stop-IT!"I screamed.

"Shut-up WHORE!"One boy screamed.I was now in tear's."Please stop hurting him."I screamed I knew he wouldn't fight back,He thought that love was the key to everything.That's one reason I-I-I love HIM!I screamed on the top of my lungs."Leave him alone!"Then I elbowed one boy he let go of me.Then I pushed another boy to the floor.I then grabbed the Boy who was hurting Chris by the hair.I tried to pull him to the floor.Then he slapped me till I was on the floor.I started to cry.He kept hitting me over and over again,more pain adding to my body.

I saw Chris get up and punch,kick,wrestle,and hurt him.I never knew Chris could fight,I was shocked.We grabbed our bags and ran to the car.We left the umbrella and other stuff there.I was now a wreck.I looked at Chris he had cut's and some bruises."I'm sorry."I said then looked to the floor."Sorry for what, for being Beautiful?"He said.It made me smile.I held his hand and kissed his cheek.We arrived at the house,We walked in and Chris went to the bathroom.I followed him.I looked Horrible I had a cut near my eyebrow and bruises.Chris looked and just rose his eyebrow.

"Not that bad"He said.I laughed then walked out and went to my closet.I changed and was dressed in Pj's.I walked down the stairs and went to the coach.Then Christofer came and sat next to me.He kissed me then whispered "What is love?"I smiled and replied "It's what I feel around you..."Then we kissed and gently drifted off to sleep.~

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