Trust No One

maybell moves out of her old town to ireland, she starts going to a new school and its just like her old one she gets madefun of but when she meets a handom boy named niall all that changes she becomes great friends with him, but when Niall and Maybell fall for each other. what will happen


3. the question


i've been home for and hour or so trying to find an outfit to wear to harolds party on friday, i like tared my room apart trying to find it, i start to put all my clothes back in my closet, i see it in the corner of my eye the perfect outfit, i lay it down on my bed and look at it, a baby blue spagetti strap shirt and black skinny jeans,

"MAYBELL, DINNERS READY" i hear my mom yelling at me, i run out of my room and skip down stairs with a huge smile on my face

"wow, you're happy, what happend at school" my sister said suprised

"oh,nuthing i just got invited to my FIRST PARTY EVER" i half scream at her, she looks really suprised

" what, you got invited to a party, ahh my baby sister has finally made some friends" she laughs at me, my mom puts some hamburgers on the table and we all grab one, i grab the ketchup and mustard and i squirt it all over my bun, i start to gobble down my burger and i hear a knock at the door, i wonder who it would be, my sister gets up

"i'll get it" she wipes off her face and answers the door i hear a slight voice

"is maybell there?"

"MAYBELL, doors for you" i wipe off my face and run to the door, i look at the door and i see beautiful blue eyes start to melt into me

"hey,Niall" i say trying avoid that i was staring at him

"hey, Maybell i was wondering,since your new to Ireland maybe i could show you around " niall says shyly but i could still hear him

"sure , that would be great, i would love to see the town" i say blushing but i hardly dought you could see it " MOM, DAD NIALL IS GOING TO SHOW ME AROUND TOWN, SEE YOU IN A BIT"

" okay Hun, but you don't have to yell come get some money just in case you want to buy somthing" i walk over to the table and i see my sister mouths 'maybells got a boyfriend' over and over again i ignore my immature older sister and i walk out the door


'Nialls pov'

she walks out of her house and shuts the door, I'm so glad shes my new neighbor, i love how her dirty blond hair it always in her face and how her blue eyes sparkle when ever she seems happy, i think i might have a crush on her, Niall don't think like that you have a girlfriend named grace i love her and she loves me,i think we love each other i dont really know enymore, i shake my head to clear me thoughts, maybell sees me and has a confused look on her face

"is everything okay" she asks me concerned

"yah, i just can't stop thinking about my beautiful girlfriend grace" i say really quietly she looks at me like im crazy

" i didnt know you had a girlfriend, well she must be really special to you" she says like she doesnt really care at all that i have a girlfriend

" yah, she is" i say as we keep walking and i show her a few stores and bulidings and we both tell a few jokes on the way back to her house

" this was fun, well see you tomorrow at school" she says with her beautiful canadian acent

" ya, see you at school"


'Maybells pov'

i walk inside, and i see my mom and dad siting on the couch talking and when they see me walk in they look at me like i've done something wrong, i walk in the kitchen and i see genna eating another burger

" so, how was your date with Niall" she says with a smile on her face

"it was not a date he has a girlfriend"

"ohhh, someones jealous "

" i am not we're just friends" i walk up to my room and fall a sleep


its finally FRIDAY, and I'm laying on my bed waiting for Niall to knock on my door because hes taking me to the party

"HEY, MAYBELL NIALL'S HERE" i hear my dad yell from down stairs, i have a smile on my face, as i see Niall at the door

"hey,may you ready to go"

" yep, all ready"

"okay, i have someone for you too meet" we walk out of the car and i see one of the girls that called me fat on the first day of school sitting in the middle of two seats

"hi, my name is Grace and you must be Maybell" she says really politly like she never called me fat

"hey, and i bet you are Niall beautiful girlfriend" i roll me eyes slightly, so no one notices

"he really called me beautiful?" i turn to Niall and hes blushing bright red

"yah, he did " i say, i see Niall and Grace kissing,  for awaile, i'm a bit jealous because i want a boy friend, i start to play temple run on my ipod, we finally pull up to a house with the lights flashing and the music blaring, i hop out of the car and i look at Niall and Grace, they're walking towards the house and i follow, we walk in the house and i start looking for kevin when i bump in to someone

"im so sorry, im Maybell by the way"

"its okay, im Roshni" she says with no anger in her voice, its suprising that shes not angry at me for bumping into her

"hey so are you a friend of harolds?"

"yah, isn't everyone so how did you become friends with him"

" i met kevin, on my plane ride here and hes friends with him and i also sit beside Niall in math"

" wow your a lucky girl your friends with the most popular boys in our grade"

"oh, really i didnt know that" we talk for a bit when kevin comes and sits beside me

" hey, may" he says all friendly

"hey, kev"

"you look beautiful tonight, so how you liking harolds party"

" its great so what have you been up to "

" oh nuthin, just hanging with harold what have you've been doing"

"oh, just talking to Roshni, who just left"

"haha, so i was wonding if you have a boyfriend back in your old town or something"

"no, most boys in my old school thought of me a revolting"

" well they were totally wrong, a few guys asked me if you were single and if they could have your number"

" what did you say?"

" i told them i didnt know"

" cool im thursty were are the drinks"

"here ill go get you some punch" he walked way, and a few minutes later he comes back with two glasses of punch


"your welcome babe" he looks at me weird before countinuing " so i was wondering, if... you.. would.. maybe.. go out with me?"

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