Trust No One

maybell moves out of her old town to ireland, she starts going to a new school and its just like her old one she gets madefun of but when she meets a handom boy named niall all that changes she becomes great friends with him, but when Niall and Maybell fall for each other. what will happen


2. Stalker


we finally get to are new house it quite big 4 bed rooms 1 for my mom and dad  me and my sister get are own rooms like always and a quest bedroom there 2 bathrooms and 1 living room 1 game room and 1 kitchen dining room i walk around the house looking at the emptiness until i here my mom screaming


i roll my eyes and walk out of the house and grab my 4 my bags, i walk up to my room and place them there, i start unpacking my clothes and hang them up in my walk-in closet after i finish i go down stairs and walk outside, i sit down on the outside steps, waiting for the moving truck to come with the rest of are stuff, in the corner of my eye i see a boy with bleach blond hair i know its not his natural colour because i can see the brown roots, he looks my age but i cant really tell, hes staring at me but i just look away ignoring him.

after waiting about 20 minutes the moving truck comes, and the boy went inside his house after about 10 minutes of staring at me, step inside the house and yell " MOVING TRUCKS HERE COME HELP ME UNPACK" i walk out the door and start walking towards the moving truck, school starts in two days so we have 48 hours to unpack i turn around and see my mom,dad and sister walk out of the house, i grab a few of my boxes and i see the blond boy again but this time he comes over and says something to my mom,he starts getting some boxes and bringing them inside are house.

"were do i put these" i hear an Irish accent behind me and i whip around and see the blond boy looking at me

" you can leave those right there for now" i point right beside him to the ground

" okay, thanks"

" no thank you for helping " i walk up stairs and put my boxes in my room


after we finish unpacking the truck we start unpacking all the boxes and putting them in their places, its taking a while to figure out how my room should look,i start by putting my bed together and after a while my room was finished and awesome we have to go to school tomorrow and I'm kinda scared it not easy being the new kid i hope this school is better then my old one, i walk down stairs to help unpack down there and its almost done i start unpacking the fragile items and putting them in place,after were finished i walk in the kitchen and i hear my phone ring i pick it up

"hello" i say in to the phone

" hey,may" says a familiar voice but i cant put a pin on it

" do i know you "

" ya, its Kevin " i give my self a face-palm for being so stupid

"ohhh, I'm sorry i didn't recognize that was your voice" i say stupidly

" ha ha, it okay so my friend is having another party next Saturday do you think you can make it"

" ill ask , but i don't know if my parents will let me" i sigh and i can tell that hes frowning

"ask you never know, but if not then its okay"

" okay, ill ask , but i got to go now"

"bye see you later alligator"

"bye in a while crocodile" we both laugh for a bit until he hangs up i look at the clock and its 7:30 i got to go to bed if i want to get up early for tomorrow, for my first day of school,


i wake up to the sunshine blaring in my face, i get up and stretch out my  arms and legs i look at my clock it 7:25am i have 1 hour before i need to head to school i run the the bathroom and hop in the shower and turn on the hot water, i took a 20 minute shower, i dry off and get changed into a bright pink short sleeve top and jean shorts with a black belt and black sandals i look in the mirror and I'm proud of my self for putting this out fit together, i walk down stairs and i see a bowl of frosted flakes on the counter with a note right beside it i pick up the note and it read

dear, Maybell

me and your father went out to drop your sister at school we will be back to pick you up Any minute so please eat up



i eat my cereal, and wait out side for my parents to pick me up after about 5 minutes they pull up i jump in the car my dad starts to drive off. we finally get to the school, i jump out of the car and i turn around to see my dad driving away, i look at the school and i sigh, i start to walk it the school and i hear a couple of girls say to me

" put some clothes on you fatty" they all giggle

i turn away from them and start to walk towards the school, i see a bunch of other girls whispering and pointing to me i ignore it and keep walking, " don't let them get to you, don't let them get to you" i whisper quietly to myself as i try not to let the pain show, i feel someone shove me and i fall face first in to a garbage can, i can hear people laughing at me, stand up and look at everyone and i try not to cry i keep walking until i find the principle office

"hi,I'm maybell and I'm new i was told to come here and get my class segual and locker number and combination" i say loud and clear so she could hear and understand me

" hi, I'm principle. Taylor, and here is your segual and locker number and combination" she says back to me

"thanks," i walk out the door and make my way to my locker and unlock it i put my books in except for my math book because i have math first, i search the hallway trying to find the class, i hear the bell ring and everyone scrabbles off in a different directions I'm still looking for the math room, i finally found it and i walk in and i see everyone staring at me

"you must be the new girl, take a seat next to Mr.Horan" i turn to see the teacher pointing to a desk right beside the boy i say yesterday who help unpack the moving truck, i make my way over to the desk and i put my book down, and look up at the board

" hi, again i don't think i fully introduced my self I'm Niall, Niall Horan, and you are." i look and see Niall's hand sticking out for me to shake it and i do

"Maybell, Maybell banks" i look at him and smile " but most people call me may"

"nice to meet you"


" we better pay attention or we'll get in trouble" he says with a scared look on his face


after this class we have lunch i cant wait because im starving, i hear the bell ring i walk out of class and head towards my locker, i see Niall walk a locker im guessing is his two locker away from mine

"hey, Maybell right?" he asks

" yah," i say smiling at him and i dont know y

"hey, if you have no one to sit with at lunch you can sit with me and my friends, Kevin, Harold and Joe" he says so thoughtfully

" its okay, i dont mind sitting alone" i say before i could stop myself wait did he say Kevin

" no, i insist "

"okay" i roll my eyes and start putting my books back in my locker


after i get my lunch i hear people saying mean stuff about someone and then i relize they're talking about me, i ignore then when i her some one screaming my name

" MAYBELL, MAYBELL OVER HERE" i look to see Niall and Kevin shouting at me at the same time, they look aat each other confused like they didnt know they both knew me, i make my way over to thier table

" hey, im Harold Makly and this is Joe Handson" he says pointing to himself and then to i quess is joe, harold has black straight hair and baby blue eyes, Joe has brown fluffy thick hair and dark green eyes

"so are you coming to my party on friday, everyones going to be there" Harold says like hes so popular

" i dont think so i need to ask my parents " i say being embarrassed about how a 16 year old still needs her parents approval

"y dont know call them right know" he hands me his phone and i start to diall my moms cell

she picks up and says " hi, Jane Banks speaking"

"hey, mom i was wondering if i could go to a party this weekend on friday, please" i say into the phone

"so you have made some friends, of course you can "

"thanks, mom" i say happly, and hang up the phone and i look at them

"i'm aloud," a look of pure joy apears on thier faces


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