Trust No One

maybell moves out of her old town to ireland, she starts going to a new school and its just like her old one she gets madefun of but when she meets a handom boy named niall all that changes she becomes great friends with him, but when Niall and Maybell fall for each other. what will happen


1. Moving


chapter 1

'maybells pov'
I look back on my house well old house I'm moving to Ireland , i feel sad but at the same time i feel happy about leaving, its like I'm leaving all my wonderful memory's and terrible memory's behind, i have one of my four suitcases in my hand its full of all my electronics and books so i don't get Bord, as much in the car and on the plane.

i sigh as we start to drive off away from my old life and school I'm going to miss it even though it wasn't the best, i wasn't the most popular girl, i had no boyfriend and only three friends who were all girls, Rowan, Hannah and Teresa, they were all ways there for me when i needed them and i feel really sad about leaving them i wish i could pack them in my suitcase and take them with me I'm going to miss them so much

  on the other hand their was Kayla, Jenny and Autumn who hated me and made most of my life hell by them calling me names like 'fat' , 'ugly' and 'dumb', and then embarrassing me in front of everyone and making me seem mean by pretending that i spilled food or something on their 'brand' new outfits which it was actually them and then nobody wanted to be my friend, and I'm super glad to get way from them

I look at my watch it 4:37pm on a Friday i didn't go to school today because we needed to finish packing i wish i got to go to school because i wanted to say good bye to everyone but i guess i don't get to but i did tell my besties that i was leaving they were quite sad, but they know i have no choice and i need to go, i promised that i would email them every 2nd day, if i have time i can't phone because its too far way  

" how long will it take to get there" i say as i search through my suitcase looking for my ipod touch

"i don't know, hun, it depends on the traffic" my moms says as she looks back at me pulling my ipod from my suitcase

i look at her and say " ya everything depends on the traffic" i roll my eyes at her and start play temple run and listening to music

after about 7 games of temple run i doze off to sleep


i feel someone shoving me i wake up to see my sister Genna right in front of my face,  she holds two plane tickets in her hand one is mine so i grab my suitcase and the ticket and start to walk in the airport.

"flight to Ireland leaves in 20 minutes" the flight attendent says on a speaker

i look to my sister and see her running  towards are parents i yell at her " WAIT UP! "

she stops and turns around and yells back "MAKE ME " i roll my eyes and start running towards her


i finally caught up to my sister and my parents and were getting on the plane my parents an Genna  somehow ended up 2 people in front of me and i was the very last person on the plane my parents are sitting together with a skinny lady and Genna's sitting by a couple of  cute guys her age she sticks her tough out at me and shoot her a mean look

"there's a seat right back there," says a sqeaky voice  from behind me and i turn around to see a flight  attendant point to a seat right beside a disgusting fat guy and a pretty hot guy with blond hair i make my way back their" everyone put your seat belt on were taking off" and every one puts their seat belts on

"hey" says the hot guy with an Irish accent " my name is Kevin. can i help you with your bag" as he reces for my bag and puts it up on top of us in a cabnet thing

" hi I'm Maybell, but most people call me may, and thanks" i say with a smile on my face

" your welcome, may, may i escort you to you seat" i blush and chuckle a bit

i sit down next to him and i totally forgot about the fat guy " thanks, again, but you don't have to be so nice"

" your welcome, and yes i do because i cant be mean to a beautiful girl like you" he has a grin on his face and i blush again

" are you always this nice" i chuckle  a bit as i look at him he blush a little

" ya, pretty much " he laughs a little


' Kevins pov'

" ya,pretty much" i answer he question i look at her with a huge grin on my face, she is so beautiful and nice, i think i like her   she smiles back at me and then she searches through he bag and pulls out a ipod i feel lame because i didn't bring anything to do now im going to be really bord

she looks at me and says in her strong accent " you didnt bring anything to do"

" yay, but ill be fine" i say half-smiling

"if you need enything to do yo can use my laptop but theres no wifi i think" she says so beautifuly

"ill ask the flight attendent" i stand up and look around for a flight attendant


'maybells pov'

" ill ask the flight attendent" kevin gets up and starts looking for a flight attendent he comes back in about five minutes " they have wifi " i get my bag down and start looking through it and i finally found my laptop i handed it to him

"here you go"

" thanks, thats so sweat of you to let me use your laptop" he says as i blush

" its fine i really dont mind "

i start to doze off as  nice guy by chester see starts to play -.-zZzzZZZzz


'kevins pov'

shes asleep and her head is resting on my shoulder, but i dont really mine im on my facebook messaging my best friend harold makly were going on about the party tonight at harolds house im still wondering if i should invite may


'maybells pov'

we just landed and im standing up streching out my legs

" hey may i was wonding if you would like to come to a party at my friend harolds house " he says with i grin i dont know if my parents will let me and i have to go home and unpack

" i dont think i can make it because im just moving here and i dont really know anyone and i need to go to my new house and unpack"

" oh its okay, maybe next time, can i have your number in case there is another party so i can invite you?"

" ya, of course" i start to write down my number and he hands me my laptop when i give him my number " thanks this was fun i hope i see you again "

" ya you to "

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