Getting even

My name is Tracey. I have moved to England from Atlanta. Back in Georgia I was the toughest girl in school. I kept everything under control. Fights, arguments, etc. but in England it's a whole new world. A whole new atmosphere. The bully there is none other than zayn Malik one direction. Popular kid yup. Gets in too many fights. Every day I see the kid shoving them up their own lockers. But I have a major crush on him. Should I fight? Or should I fall?


14. Oh, no. Not them again.Cg

Tracey's POV: I inhaled sharply as a harsh wave of wind blew my hair backwards making it go all over the place. The cold winds made my body hair rise up. Alaska, I thought. The cold air kept blowing making the corners of my mouth twitch up into a smile. I felt like Christopher McCandless from "Into the Wild" Just like him, I'd always wanted to go to Alaska. Except Chris died because he ate a poisonous plant. Someone tapped me impatiently on my shoulder. "Trace look at these amazing views I got. People will love them!", Katie said. I sighed and looked away from the sight I was admiring. "Did anyone ever tell you you should 'live in the moment'?", I asked jokingly. "Nope!", she replied. I laughed and swung my water bottle to my mouth, water pouring out. I took a long sip, my thoughts briefly running over Zayn and Niall. Don't think about them, I thought. They ruined your life. It's kind of sad how they acted in high school. They were just fucking bastards. No other way to put it. Torturing for me until Katie came along. I remember one time I got detention for giving Zayn a black eye. Yup, I punched him in the face because he wouldn't give me a break. Because he's an asshole. "Look at that, right there!", Katie exclaimed. I looked and couldn't believe my eyes. It was a frozen water fall with a few flowers on the side of it. The sun gleaned on its frozen surface like a metallic sort of combination. "Get that pic quick Katie", I said with a sharp tone. And she didn't hesitate. She took several pictures of the view. Sideways, upright. I smiled to myself. Something to remember. "Come one, Katie. Lets go to the cabin and get packed for Canada. Lots to be done." It was a long hike back. Three miles up and three miles down. Last time I'd taken a hike like that, I got dehydrated. But I'm 20 years old now. We hiked down the mountain nearly running but not missing any views. And I thought of Christopher McCandless the whole way.


At the cabin, we had so much stuff to pack. Clothes, furniture, bed spreads. We'd been staying in Alasaka for about 4 months now. And I have to admitt, I would miss it alot. Such pretty breathtaking views. And if you like cold weather, Alaska is the place for you. Katie and I love cold weather. And we're used to it because we grew up in it. Today it was -7 degrees and atleast there wasn't a blizzard tomorrow. The day of our flight. "Hey Katie, you want to take a break and go to the movies? Turns out "Warm Bodies" is in theaters now. Come with?", I asked. She gasped. "Totally. It's gotten some good reviews." I nodded. "We leave in half an hour." And with that, I put my feet up on the table and grabbed the book City of Fallen Angels and started reading. 

We hopped into my Haunai and drove to the nearby movie theatre. "Aww that's cute", Katie said as a husky poked its head curiously out of the car window. It was cute. "We should get a husky", she said. "Yeah. It would be helpful. Katie, we are living life in Alaska. I'm the happiest person on the planet right now. No Niall, no Zayn. This couldn't get any better." Despite my past life, I feel like I had started a new life. With nothing interfering. I closed my eyes. I inhaled sharply. And I exhaled calmly. We finally pulled into the theatre. I went to the ticket machine and entered a credit card. I pressed 2 for warm bodies 6:00 pm. As we pulled the tickets out of the machine, we went into the theatre and waited for the guy to pull out tickets. Meanwhile, other movies were going on. The hobbit, gijoe, other stuff. As we took our seat into the theatre, the movie began. We didn't have to sit through the commercials because we were late. It was 25 minutes through the movie when I saw him. Zayn Malik. His arms were wrapped around a blonde girl in her mid 20's. getting the feeling of nausea, I told Katie and stepped outside in the cool air. Taking it in and out, I began to feel better. But I froze when a large pair of arms wrapped around my waist. "Tracey. Long time no see. Jealous of my girlfriend?" I stayed stubborn. "Hell no." Just as his lips touched my neck, I whipped around and nailed him in the balls, not surprised by my actions. I'd gotten ten times stronger than I was. When he was on the concrete, I kicked him in the stomach several times. Then I whispered, "Get the fuck out of my life", and when to get Katie, knowing I would see that face again sometime soon.


soooo, what did you think?? I know I haven't updated in a looooong time, but, I was extremely busy. High school stuff. But I do need one thing from you all. Nialls girlfriend! List you're name and describe yourself and I promise you will be an important character. If I don't have his girlfriend, I will not be able to write the next chapter so please comment! Thanks!


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