Getting even

My name is Tracey. I have moved to England from Atlanta. Back in Georgia I was the toughest girl in school. I kept everything under control. Fights, arguments, etc. but in England it's a whole new world. A whole new atmosphere. The bully there is none other than zayn Malik one direction. Popular kid yup. Gets in too many fights. Every day I see the kid shoving them up their own lockers. But I have a major crush on him. Should I fight? Or should I fall?


17. Love the way you lie

"I'm so glad we didn't have to see them at the airport. Their stalking us every minute of our lives." Katie nodded in agreement as we passed the large ice covered mountains. Katie suddenly looked disgusted. "I can still feel his hand on my damned leg." I shrugged. "At least he didn't rape you or anything." We passed a truck that had one directions faces on them. It was so creepy because their eyes seemed to follow us. I lifted my middle finger at their faces and took a deep breath. 'Its only your imagination.' I told myself. The rest of the way to our apartment was silent because neither Katie nor I could crank up a conversation. 

"Wow, this is nice!" I said. "I know." We walked around. There was a huge kitchen and a white couch like at Zayn's house when we were in high school. Just his name gives me the chills. 'You can't think about them here.' I thought to myself. "So, what do you want to do? It's 8:00am. That's, like, early." We went up the stairs and threw our stuff on the beds. This apartment was really nice. Even better than the one in Canada. At least we were used to cold weather. Because if we weren't then we would have been freezing our asses off. "I'm gonna take a shower. Maybe make dinner?" I asked her. The last thing I had to eat were the peanuts on the plane. Now I'm starving. "Okay, honey." I rolled my eyes at the simple joke. Then unpacked a shirt and some jeans. I made sure the door was locked in the bathroom because now I was paranoid thanks to one direction. They were our biggest stalkers in our entire lives because of me. If only it had not dated Zayn in high school or Niall..."Just gonna stand there and watch me burn. That's all right because I love the way it hurts. Just gonna stand there and hear me cry. That's all right because I love the way you lie. I love the way you lie." I sang in the shower. I sighed. Eminem was one of my favorite artists. And I have a huge thing for that type of music. As soon as I left the restroom, someone came up behind me and said, "You have a nice voice." I jumped and jerked my head around, not realizing it was just Katie. "Jesus, Katie!" I said. "Seriously, why didn't you become a singer instead of a photographer?" I looked at the ground uncomfortably. She sighed. "Sorry. Sorry." She said annoyingly and walked off, and continued to boil the pasta she was making. I sighed in relief as I walked into my room. I literally thought that was Zayn or Niall or something. She really freaked me out. I threw my clothes into a pile. Until we got laundry baskets, we were stuck with just throwing them in a pile. Then I noticed the red envelope. I furrowed my eyebrows and tore it open. It said, "You have a lovely voice. We would sound great together, love. See you soon. xx" I rolled my eyes, suspecting it was Katie. "That's REALLY funny, Katie!" I called. "What?" She called back. I heard footsteps then her voice. "I didn't write that." I realized she was being serious. "Shit. Katie, they know where we live again."

A/N Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been updating. But I want to thank stypayhorlikson17 for supporting me all the way through and commenting on my movella a lot. Thank you so much and I hoped you liked the new update.

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