Getting even

My name is Tracey. I have moved to England from Atlanta. Back in Georgia I was the toughest girl in school. I kept everything under control. Fights, arguments, etc. but in England it's a whole new world. A whole new atmosphere. The bully there is none other than zayn Malik one direction. Popular kid yup. Gets in too many fights. Every day I see the kid shoving them up their own lockers. But I have a major crush on him. Should I fight? Or should I fall?


8. Bruised. Battered. Blood

ZAYNS POV: I saw Niall and Tracey. I was so mad. I knew that Tracey should be mad at me because of Hannah and all. I don't know it just, happened. Niall saw my face. So he picked her up and carried her into the nearest room which made me feel a huge pang of jealousy. I looked at Hannah and she tried to lean in for a kiss. I backed up. "Not yet babe." She chuckled. I sighed. I shouldn't have let her kiss me. It screwed everything up. I don't know why I'm letting her slip.
TRACEY'S POV: Niall carried me into a random room. It was probably someone's bed room. He set me on the bed. He put his thumb on my cheek. "I'll settle everything out", he said. I shook my head. "Niall, just let it pass." He shook his head. "I can't. If I do it will be stuck with me forever. I can't take that." I nodded and he walked out. As soon as he shut the door I heard a punch. Then another then yelling. Zayn Niall Zayn Niall. It was freaking me out. I was about to scream when Niall walked back in with bruises and cuts all over his face. "Oh my god Niall!", I said freaked out. He collapsed on the bed. I rushed to the bathroom to get some alcohol and some disinfectants. I got a pad of tissue and started dabbing the wounds. "Oww...", he said with a weak smile. "Is Zayn worse?", I asked. He nodded. "Don't worry babe I took him out." He smiled at me pulling me towards him. He kissed me and I kissed him back. I took a look outside and saw Zayn making out with Hannah. I chuckled. I knew he was trying to make me jealous. I turned to Niall. "Well you must be exghasted aren't you?", I said. "Yup," he instantly fell asleep as I kissed him on the cheek. I had to get home so I took my car and drove home. I couldn't wait what was coming for me Monday. Just couldn't wait.

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