Getting even

My name is Tracey. I have moved to England from Atlanta. Back in Georgia I was the toughest girl in school. I kept everything under control. Fights, arguments, etc. but in England it's a whole new world. A whole new atmosphere. The bully there is none other than zayn Malik one direction. Popular kid yup. Gets in too many fights. Every day I see the kid shoving them up their own lockers. But I have a major crush on him. Should I fight? Or should I fall?


13. A new beginning Until I saw him

-3 years later-
Yep, it's me again. I finally realized it mattered more of what I did than what Zayn and Niall did. That night when I saw Zayn in his boxers was forgotten. All I could remember was that I woke up with my period going. From there it got complicated. Let me tell you about the last few years I was in England.

So after Zayn had gotten into my house somehow that night, I had no idea what he did whether it was leaving me alone or whatever. I went to school and had to put up with these nasty little kids. When Zayn got abusive, he would hit me too hard, and being strong, I knew there was nothing I could do. There was this one night where he tried to have sex with me but to my surprise I just didn't let that happen. He never tried again. But the sad thing was he wrenched Niall and I apart because we could not live through the chaos that was going on. I went through 12th grade without Niall because he started ignoring me. But even worse a few months later he bullied me at school. So did Zayn. I was there pet until now. They became good buddies bullying me and doing...other unexplainable things. When I graduated that one day in May, I was moving out of England with my best friend Katie right after the graduation. I knew if I stayed over night, Zayn or Niall would try something. I couldn't wait because Katie and I were moving to Canada where we both were born. What a cooinsedence, right? To meet someone born in the same country in the same town. But we both loved the snow and we had a particular place we wanted to study for our job. We were getting a flat together. And she was always like a sister to me. But the thing is before we left, I spotted Zayn and Niall coming towards us. "And where do you think your going?" I laughed. "Canada to get away from you assholes and your dirty little whore Hannah. Duh." His expression changed. "Uh, no you arent. And don't call her that." He grabbed my wrist but I yanked it away and punched him in the face twice, which felt really good. I whispered to him in his ear. "You and your friend are forgotten, Zayn Malik, and don't you forget it." I smiled and walked away with a shocked Niall left behind and a hurt Zayn.
Yup, my life has a new beginning to it. I hope.
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