Getting even

My name is Tracey. I have moved to England from Atlanta. Back in Georgia I was the toughest girl in school. I kept everything under control. Fights, arguments, etc. but in England it's a whole new world. A whole new atmosphere. The bully there is none other than zayn Malik one direction. Popular kid yup. Gets in too many fights. Every day I see the kid shoving them up their own lockers. But I have a major crush on him. Should I fight? Or should I fall?


3. A fresh start

ZAYNS POV: Wow... No ones ever done that to me before. What Tracey did to me yesterday. She slapped me in the face because I bullied her one and only friend. It wasn't much. Just a light slap on the cheek. I chuckled and ran off. But Tracey is really hot, though. My alarm clock went off and I smashed it. I was so tired I could barely sleep last night. I was wearing a white shirt with jeans and a black jacket today. I put on the clothes and meet the boys down stairs for breakfast. "Hello mate", Louis said." How you sleep last night?" I shook my head." Terrible." I poured some cereal into a bowl and poured the milk. I joined the boys for breakfast. "How was your day yesterday?",Niall asked. I shrugged my shoulders." It was alright. You?" He shrugged his shoulders too."ok", he said. We all ate in silence because there was not much to talk about. I did not tell them about Tracey. I did not want them making fun of me. Once we arrived at school, I said bye to the boys as we all went to our class rooms. I saw Tracey just sitting at her desk staring at the floor. I smirked at her. Of course she saw it and she turned like ten shades of red. She was cute when she blushed. Very cute. I decided I was going to make a move on her. Today. At this locker break.
TRACEY'S POV: I saw Zayn walk in and he smirked at me. I felt myself getting really hot as I stared at the ground. Thank god the locker bell rang and I rushed out. As I was getting my books, Zayn was just staring at me. I walked over to him and said," Zayn, please don't bully grace today, ok? Just-" I was cut off by Zayn grabbing my shoulders and slamming me into a locker not that hard. He turned me around and smashed his lips against mine. I was in a state of shock for a moment. Then I realized I was kissing Zayn Malik. I started to kiss him back. We both released. He whispered, "do you want to be my girlfriend?" I nodded my head really fast. I kissed him on the cheek and we both rushed to class. As the day went by, I realized that I was going out with Zayn Malik from One Direction. I was off to another fresh start... Again.
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