Our Little Secret

When a new girl named Autumn Horan moves to Jordan Smiths home town and to her new school Jordan gets suspicious thinking she's related to Niall Horan. When she finds out the truth Niall can't keep his eyes off of Jordan. He is in love with her. But something drastic happens that might keep them apart. Find out.


6. The game downstairs

Autumn's P.O.V.
We got on my bed and started to play the daring game.
"Ok truth or dare?" I said with a wondering voice being a little nervous. I could hear the boys laughing. They had better not get ANY louder.
"Umm dare." She said sounding unsure.
"Ok go to the window and shout as loud as possible I AM A PRETTY PRINCESS AND YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED IN MY KINGDOM."
She blushed "Now?"
"Yep." I smiled in completion.
She walked up to my back window and screamed as loud as she could "I AM A PRETTY PRINCESS AND YOUR NOT ALLOWED IN MY KINGDOM FOR ANYTHING.
She came back and sat down smirking.
"Was that good?"
"Sure." I said smiling like a goofball.
We played truth or dare for the rest of the night practically. We wouldn't have played it that long but, we wanted to know more about each other. And it helped we knew everything from what food we hated and liked to if we were virgin or had ever kissed someone. We also found out each others lying face which was good. It was a good sleepover until the morning...

Jordan's P.O.V.

I was starting to think that she really wasn't related to Niall that night until the morning. I got up early and I got up quietly and went to the bathroom. I came back in but there was more than 2 people downstairs. And I could hear them talking too. I wanted to go down and see who but, that would be kind of rude in my opinion. So I ignored it until she woke up. And I had a plan to get her to go in the kitchen too.

She finally woke up at 9:23. It was a relief too. She asked me how long I had been up. I just said 10min. Not wanting to hurt her feelings. I said "Can we go to the kitchen? My throat is really dry. Could I have some water?"
She bought it and we went down stairs. But she was scoping it out, for some weird reason.
I bumped into her asking "What are you doing?"
She didn't seem to see anything or hear anything but, she was waving her hand at something. I got no answer and asked again.
She said "Oh I have to make sure Daisy isn't down here." We went down finally and got some milk and made bacon. Then, we both stared at each other because we heard people laughing hard in the basement.
"What was that?" I asked curiously.
"Oh it was just...." She said something under her breath I couldn't hear.
"We'll whatever it was can we go down and see?"

***This was more of a filler chapter***
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