Our Little Secret

When a new girl named Autumn Horan moves to Jordan Smiths home town and to her new school Jordan gets suspicious thinking she's related to Niall Horan. When she finds out the truth Niall can't keep his eyes off of Jordan. He is in love with her. But something drastic happens that might keep them apart. Find out.


3. She is coming and the boys are here

Jordan’s P.O.V.

When I got home, I stumbled upon my cat who was laying right in front of the door. ‘’Silly kitty.’’ I said in the most babiest voice I could possibly make. I was excited to get to go over Autumn’s for the first time. I thought we would get along really well.

I ran down the hall to my room, and slipped out of my uniform. I put on a pink long sleeved shirt and some comfy jeans and lightly brushed my hair to make it soft. I put on my favorite pair of boots. I ran down to the den to find my little brother, Parker, playing on his PS3. It looks like he was connecting with someone.

‘’Hey, what do you want for dinner??’’ I questioned.

‘’Mom isn’t home yet?’’ He said hopefully. I just shook my head.

‘’She has to work late. Don’t worry about it. Now what do you want?’’ I asked again being slightly annoyed. Our mom was never home. It’s always either a business trip or she has to stay in to help with the office.

‘’Mac-&-Cheese is fine. Thanks Jordan.’’ He said. We had macaroni almost every night. It was really getting over rated. But whatever makes him happy. I would probably have something else to eat like lasagna.

I went in the only to find a mess spread all over the counters. That little brat. He probably got into the cabinets after school.

I yelled, ‘’PARKER!!!!’’ He ignored me so I shook it off and went to cleaning. I got out the Scrub Away and a sponge. After I was done cleaning, I got out the Kraft macaroni & cheese, and everything to make the lasagna. I cooked until about 6:00.

Dinner was good, but I was still kinda wondering about the whole Niall and Autumn thing. Could they be related in someway or is it just my imagination. Well I guess I could ask her again Friday night. We didn’t have that much time to talk in class.

It was getting close to the time she wanted me over, 7:30. I decided to call her phone.

After ringing it for a good amount of time she finally answered.

‘’Hey!’’ She said enthusiastically. She had a really thick irish accent. I could tell she wasn’t from around here because the people who live here only have a slight accent.

‘’Hey, just wondering if we’re still on for tonight’’ I said happily. I could hear some loud banging in the background.

‘’Yeah we’re still good! But, could you come at 8? I have some stuff I need to uh... take care of...’’ She said slowly. Then someone shouted in the background.

‘’WHO”S THAT AUTUMN?!?’’ A voice said, it was muffled because she had the hand over the microphone.

‘’Uh.. who was that?’’ I asked curiously.

‘’Oh no one...’’ She answered. I knew she was lying. Was there something she was keeping from me?

‘’Oh, ok then..’’ I said. The line went dead. A couple minutes later from Autumn saying that her phone died. I quickly replied and told her that I would see her at 8. But that voice in the background sounded REALLY familiar.

Autumn’s P.O.V.
I was so nervous when Niall shouted out ‘’WHO”S THAT AUTUMN?!?’’ I just wanted to scream “Be quiet!!” but I knew I couldn’t.

I walked into Niall’s room and said “What was that? I was on the phone with a friend. The one that’s coming over tonight. And I knew she recognized your voice by the way she talked.

“I’m sorry I thought you were on the phone with mum or dad. I didn’t know jeez. Calm it down Aut.’’

‘’Its ok Ni. I don’t want to get all weird if she knows i’m your sister. That’s all.’’ I said calming down a bit.

I walked out of his room only to find all the cushions in a big fort.

‘’LOU WHAT IN THE WORLD!!’’ I said loudly. As soon as I said that I was grabbed by a muscular arm and pulled behind the fort. Zayn’s the one who took me back here.

‘’Zayn Jawaad Malik, what in the world is this mess.’’ I said sternly.

‘’Don’t take it out on me. Louis is the one that sent me on the mission. I’ll help you get him back later.’’ He said pleadingly.

‘’Oh yeah next time. There won’t be a next time when i’m finished with him.’’ I said and started to get back up. I only got pulled down again.

‘’If you don’t let me go, i’m going to get liam on you.. where is he anyways?’’ I said looking around the room.

‘’He went over to meet Danielle at the airport.’’ He said smirking. ‘’ So theres nothing you can do about it.’’

‘’Oh really?’’ I said and with that, I shouted ‘’ NIALL!!!! I’M BEING KIDNAPPED HERE!!! LITTLE HELP??????’’

I heard a loud bang and saw the one and only Louis Tomlinson come running down the stairs at full speed wearing a cape.

‘’SUPERMAN IS HERE!’’ He screamed.

‘’Louis, please let me out??’’ I said batting my eyes.

‘’Anything for you, my carrot queen.’’ He said jokingly.

‘’Mhmm. Sureeee...’’ I said and got up from my hostage shelter. ‘’Was Harry involved with this too?’’ I asked a bit too soon because I saw a head of curls pop out from behind the sofa. ‘’Harry... you better clean this up. I’m not trusting those 2 to do the clean up.’’ I said pointing my finger in Zayn’s and Louis’ direction.

‘’Yes mum.’’ He said and quickly started picking up the cushions.

I ran up stairs to find niall on his laptop.

‘’You!! I yelled for your help!!’’ I exclaimed. He shrugged his shoulders. I went over and slapped his arm.

‘’OW!’’ He said.

‘’YOU'RE GIVING ME A HEART ATTACK!’’ I happily sang back.

‘’Not funny’’ he said frowning.

‘’Oh but it is Horan.’’ I replied. I quickly walked out the room and made a dash to my door. I picked up everything on my floor, moved some stuff around, and made my bed. I had to make my room look as clean as possible for a good first impression on Jordan.

I ran down the stairs to see a spotless living room.

‘’Thanks Hazza!’’ I said loudly.

‘’No prob.’’ He answered from the kitchen. I looked at the time, 7:45. Crap, the boys need to go.
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