Our Little Secret

When a new girl named Autumn Horan moves to Jordan Smiths home town and to her new school Jordan gets suspicious thinking she's related to Niall Horan. When she finds out the truth Niall can't keep his eyes off of Jordan. He is in love with her. But something drastic happens that might keep them apart. Find out.


4. Keeping it secret

Jordan’s P.O.V.

I had just gotten packed for Autumn's house. I was really excited to get to her house for the first time. I could tell it was going to be a good night. And I was also a little anxious to get there because I wanted to ask in person if she was related to Niall. I knew it was impossible for her to be related but, you never know. I got my room and cleaned quick and got in my red Toyota Corolla S and sped away to her house.

Autumn's P.O.V.

I was so nervous the boys limo wasn't there yet and she was on her way. I was about to just break down I couldn't have her finding out. At least not just yet. I had just met her. I thought she might tell someone or maybe be obsessed if she knew. I had to get them out of there and quick. So, I took controll.

"Ok I have a friend coming over and I don't want her to find out that Niall is my brother and that One direction are my friends, in my house and that i’m like a sister to you. I can’t let her find out guys. So scram.”

“Fine then grumpy wumpy.” Zayn said in a joking matter.

“Ok anything for you wifey.” said Louis.

‘’Don’t call me that, you have Emma’’ I said matter of factly.

‘’Sure thing my carrot queen’’ He said and ran out the door before I could catch him

“Niall come here please!” I screamed up stairs. Niall got down as quick as possible.

“Yes?” He replied with a ‘hmph’

“Where are you going to stay the whole night?” I questioned.

“In my room I guess but, let me stock up on a little food.” He said with a smirk. I knew a little meant a buffet to him.

I nodded quickly, and went to my front yard to gather up the boys. But when I got out there, they were all in my big oak tree, hitting each other with branches.

‘’What in bloody name are you doing?!’’ I screamed loud enough for the neighbors to here.

‘’We were just uh... we were playing tag!’’ Harry shouted back down.

‘’In a tree?’’ I questioned.

Liam hit him upside the head. ‘’Yeah, cause we’re definitely playing tag.’’

‘’Liam I would’ve thought you would have known better!!’’ I said to him, his face got red. ‘’Anyways, back to the point, get your butts down here and into Niall’s room. Get your food, and stay there until Jordan leaves tomorrow morning. Got that?’’ I said. Everyone nodded and got down from the tree.

About 10 min. later Jordan had gotten there. I was nervous. I hope tonight went well. And when I mean well I mean ‘that she doesn't see Niall or anyone else’.

Jordan’s P.O.V.

I got out of the sparkling car and up to the brown wooden front door. She was standing there waiting for me and I went in. Their house was amazing like A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. The walls were painted a light red and the carpet was pure white. There was chandelier in the middle of the wide open hall. It was a large, wide and tall, house.

“Hi. I’m excited for this sleepover. Autumn I love your house.”

“Oh thanks, lets go upstairs now.”

“Ok.” I said smiling.

She lead me up a vibrant yellow hallway. There were french doors at the end of the hall that i was guessing was her room. She opened them to a blue room, with a red bedspread and yellow pillows. She has wood floors and a sparkly light that hung above the middle of the room. Her room was absolutely gorgeous.

Autumn’s P.O.V.
Jordans eyes bugged out of her head. She looked all around my room like it was a castle. My room wasn’t that cool. I showed her over to the closet so she could put her shoes down.

‘’This is my room, you can put your stuff down there,’’ I said motioned to the corner of my bedroom. ‘’and then we can go down to the kitchen. Jordan nodded happily and put her stuff down. There was laughter coming from the other end of the hallway.

‘’Uh.. what was that?’’ She asked suspiciously.

‘’Nothing!’’ I said quickly. ‘’Head down stairs and I will meet you there, I have to use the bathroom. Just take left when you get to the bottom.’’ I said and she went down the stairs. I ran over to Niall’s room and slammed the door open.

‘’Guys! Don’t be so loud! She heard you!’’ I said and they all looked at me ready to burst.

‘’Sorry Aut, Harry uh...’’ Louis started but got cut off by a punch in the arm by harry.

‘’Never mind him, we’ll keep it down!’’ Harry said quickly and then i gave him a grateful nod and headed down stairs.

I heard another giggle when I shut the door so I banged on it and that seemed to shut them up.

I went downstairs to find Jordan sitting on the stool in my kitchen.

‘’Hey’’ I said taking a seat next to her.

‘’Hey, mind if i ask you something?’’ She said looking nervous

‘’Yeah, shoot me’’

‘’Are you related to Niall Horan?’’ She blurted out.

I sat there frozen.
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