Our Little Secret

When a new girl named Autumn Horan moves to Jordan Smiths home town and to her new school Jordan gets suspicious thinking she's related to Niall Horan. When she finds out the truth Niall can't keep his eyes off of Jordan. He is in love with her. But something drastic happens that might keep them apart. Find out.


5. Different subject

Jordan’s P.O.V.

She didn't say much until I spoke up and said “Autumn, are you related to Niall?”

“W-who?” She stuttered.

“You know who.”

“No, why would you think that?

“I don't know. You only look and act like him all the time.” I exaggerated.

“What I don’t act like him or look like him at all.”

I got my phone, pulled up a picture of Niall, and put it next to her face. Almost exactly the same. “It’s exactly the same Autumn. That’s why I think it.

“I’m nothing like him that’s all i’m saying ok.”

“Ok whatever.” I said chuckling

“Let’s get some food and go watch some TV in my room.”

“Okay. Fine with me.”

In my mind even though I gave up I really wouldn’t. I was going to get to the bottom of the whole thing if it was the last thing I did. When we got up stairs we watched TV but, it was getting a little boring like everything gets with me.

“Hey do you want to play Truth Or Dare?” I finally asked her.

“Most definitely. Who wouldn’t?” She answered.

“I knew you would. Can we sit on your bed though?’’ I shyly asked.

“Sure!” She replied enthusiastically.

We hopped on her silk bed and then we started with the game.
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