Mistaken Love or...

Emma is the good girl who everyone likes and she's goin on a field trip with her class to an island and there's this guy,Dean who gets in trouble a lot and her friend Lindsay thinks she has an eye for him and lets just see where everything heads... Shall we!!


1. No way Em...

Emma's POV: So I'm on my way to school with my annoying sister sadly in the same grade as me. I wonder what should I wear to school... Clair's POV( Emma's younger sis): So were at school and as I'm getting out the car... "U asshole"!!! Clair!, mom says. "Mom he nearly ran me over with his monster jeep!! Well u shouldn't be getting out of the car that way anyways other side come on. Mom said. Um, Em honey what would you like for dinner? Anythings fine mom. Oh you ask her because she's the better child and I'm the bad sister. I said.. Your not a bad sister Clair now bye have a good day at school you two. Emma's POV: It's time for lunch and I'm practically drooling over Dean. He has no friends he's so lonely. Em! Em! No way are u looking at Dean? My friend Lisbday said. Um no. I said knowing that I was. Em you know he's been in trouble a lot right? Girls like our Em don't date freaks like him. Deans POV: So I'm at my table eating an apple with a knife cutting it. YOU MAY FOLLOW ME TO THE PRINCIPALS OFFICE. The principle told me. Well then lead the way I say. Lindsay's POV: mmmhhhh looks like someone's not going on the fieldtrip I say to Dean.
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