Mistaken Love or...

Emma is the good girl who everyone likes and she's goin on a field trip with her class to an island and there's this guy,Dean who gets in trouble a lot and her friend Lindsay thinks she has an eye for him and lets just see where everything heads... Shall we!!


3. I Don't Think So

Emma's POV: We've arrived a long time ago and I miss my parents already so we are now on Skype. While I'm on Skype my friend Alyssa bursts in! OMG OMG Em! Alyssa I'm on Skype with parents!! I'm sorry but it's urgent! Ok.. Mom, Dad I have to go the teacher is calling lights out luv you! Love you sweety! I close my laptop. Alyssa what is it! Ok! So I was getting a drink from the vending machine and Riley(a super hot quarterback for their school) asked if we would like to come on a cruise with them and we'll be back by morning 2 a.m at the least can we pleaseeeee go Em!! Please you have to break out of your shell sometimes! Ok I guess so! As I was thinking in my he's I don't usually do things like this but I would do anything for my girls as they would do for me. Ok Em they're leaving now but the ship leaves in a hour. I was thinking if Dean was coming I was hoping so. A/N sorry tht the chapters are so short I just really can't think.
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