It started with a whisper

Elektra Jones has always been the type of girl to stand out, whether it was a positive or negative way. She has been bullied to her breaking point, cuts inherently wrists, bruises on her body, yet each day she has a smile on her face. Elektra has been able to withstand this torture by her passion of music and her lovable family well more like just her sister. Finally with all the courage Elektra can musters he auditions for X-Factor.....what will happen?!?


1. Chapter 1 the audition

I nervously grabbed the number the lady handed me. Well since my number was 186 I had a long way to go. I, Elektra Jones has finally got enough courage to audition for X-Factor like an other thousand people want to do. I ran my hand through my crimson hair with purple and black highlights shaking some jitters out. I walked back to my little sister who was waiting patiently with some of my friends. "What number?" Kate my. BfffffffffffL asked me, I sighed before showing her my number. "Alright I think we should leave Electra and Taylor alone and get to our seats." Ethan Kate's brother told us. Kate gave me an extremely tight huge before saying good luck. Ethan wrapped his arms around me "You'll be Amazayn" he said nicely. He knew i really didn't like One Direction so it would sort of annoy me. I grabbed Taylor hand and we walked all the way to some clear seats. I through myself on the chair sighing in comfort as Taylor jumped and sat on me. I heard a few laughs from the side see
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